Minor Edward Clark Papers, 1935-1978

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Minor Edward Clark Papers, 1935-1978
Clark, Minor Edward, 1913-1979
1.35 cubic feet, 3,000 items, 3 boxes
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Collection Overview

Biography / History
Minor Edward Clark was born at Waddy, Kentucky, Shelby County on August 5, 1913. He graduated from Waddy High School and from Eastern Kentucky College in 1935 with a bachelor's degree, having majored in zoology and minored in chemistry. He was a graduate student at Western State College and for two years was also a graduate student at University of Kentucky in Fisheries Research. He later attended Princeton University, the University of Arizona and one year of special fisheries and languages instruction in California.
Clark became the first graduate biologist with Kentucky Game and Fish Division in 1936 where he was in charge of biological stream surveys until 1940 when he was placed in charge of the Fisheries section of the Division.
Enlisting in the Navy in 1942, Clark was attached to General Douglas MacArthur's Headquarters Staff where he wrote the First General Plan for Fisheries Management during American occupation of postwar Japan.
He became Superintendent of Fisheries with the Division of Game and Fish in September, 1946, and while serving in that capacity was also made Assistant Director of the Division of Game and Fish.
When this Division was made the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources in 1952, he became Assistant Commissioner and served in that capacity until June, 1958, when he became Acting Commissioner. He was appointed Commissioner in August of 1958, in which capacity he served until his retirement in July, 1971.
Clark was also President of the Southeastern Association of Game and Fish Commissioners, and chairman of the Ohio River Sanitation and of the Kentucky Water Control Commission for seven years.
Minor Clark died in Frankfort on September 16, 1979. Mrs. Clark had died a few years previously. They had no children.
Scope and Content
The Minor Clark Papers were donated to the Eastern Kentucky University Archives by Mrs. Ray Hardesty, the sister of Mr. Clark. Much of he collection was damaged extensively in the December, 1978 Frankfort, Kentucky flood, requiring fumigation.
The collection consists of four series: Correspondence, Financial, Miscellaneous and Memorabilia. Most of the material dates from Clark's tenure as Commissioner of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources or the state of Kentucky, and almost all touches upon some facet of his work in that department. Some exceptions are: a file of material relating to the work of the Water Pollution Board of which Clark was a member, and a rough draft of an outline of the management of fisheries for American occupied Japan; a project Clark worked on when he was attached to the staff of General Douglas MacArthur immediately after World War II. A name index of correspondence from prominent persons is included at the end of the inventory to the collection.
This is a comprehensive index to the names of those persons who corresponded with Clark and are considered of such importance as to warrant attention. All of these letters are found in the Correspondence Series (Box 2). The figures the parentheses immediately following each name denote the total number of letters from that person in the collection; next is the identification of the writer; last is the date of the letter and the folder in which the letter is found.

Contents of the Collection

Financial Series

This box contains the Financial Series. Folders 1-4 contain monthly financial statements of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, along with budget and audit reports, etc., arranged chronologically. Folders 5 and 6 contain the Employee's Pay Records sub-series, consisting of monthly pay records of the Department, also arranged chronologically.

September 195 8-June 1962

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July 1962-June 1967

  • Box 1, folder 2
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July 196 7-June 1969

  • Box 1, folder 3
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July 1969 - March 1971

  • Box 1, folder 4
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August 1958-June 1965

  • Box 1, folder 5
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July 1965-March 1971

  • Box 1, folder 6
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Correspondence and Miscellaneous Series

This box contains the Correspondence and Miscellaneous Series. Folders 1-4 contain the correspondence series, consisting of letters, memorandums, news releases, etc., arranged chronologically. Folders 5 and 6 contain congratulatory letters sub-series, consisting of letters received by Minor Clark as a result of his being named commissioner of Fish and Wildlife Resources August 1958. These are arranged alphabetically. Folders 7-10 contain the Miscellaneous Series, consisting of materials which do not fit any other categories. Folder 7 contains a draft of the outline drawn up by Clark for management of the fisheries of occupied Japan in 1945. Folder 8 contains a report on the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources by the Wildlife Management Institute. Folder 9 contains various materials concerning public works projects in Kentucky. Folder 10 consists of information provided Clark as part of his work on the Kentucky Water Pollution Control Commission. For list of important correspondents consult name index at the end of the collection.


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1958 (B-L)

  • Box 2, folder 5
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1958 (M-W)

  • Box 2, folder 6
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c. 1945

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c. 1962-1964

  • Box 2, folder 9
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  • Box 2, folder 10
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Memorabilia Series

This box contains the Memorabilia Series, consisting of four sub-series. Folder 1 contains the Publication sub-series, consisting of several of Happy Hunting Ground and various other items. Also in this sub-series, though not in the folder, are two books, Water Quality Criteria and 19th Southern Proceedings-1965, a report on the work of the Southeastern Association Game and Fish Commissions. Folder 2 contains the major part of the Photographs sub-series, the rest of which is found in Wrapped Packet 1. Folders 3-4 contain newsclippings pertaining to Clark's career and the Department of Fish Wildlife Resources; those in 3 are dated, those in 4 are not. Folder 5 consists of some of the certificates and awards received by Clark; the remainder are found in Wrapped Packet 2.


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not dated, Photographs Minor Clark's house, 411 Wapping Street, Frankfort Billy Bell, Jack Lynn, Mrs. Clark, Dell Goodwin, Minor Clark, Ed Adams, Judge Mullins, Custer Brown, Elmer Davis Minor Clark in March, 1950 Bill Hazelrigg, Joe Leary, Minor Clark Minor Clark, Bert Combs, Stuart Udall and unidentified man Minor Clark, Bert Combs, Stuart Udall Kentucky Delegation and Congress in Washington, D.C. Minor Clark being interviewed by Joe Bauer for "World Tomorrow" Minor Clark speaking at Phoenix Hotel; Lexington, Kentucky Minor Clark, J. T.Cox, Don Hays, Ed Adams, Harry Towles Bert Combs and others (including Minor Clark and Thelma Stovall) Bert Combs and others (including Minor Clark and Wendell Ford) Minor Clark, Dr. Webb and 2 unidentified men at Camp Robert C. Webb Flagpole dedication Minor Clark and Dr. Webb at Camp Robert C. Webb Flagpole dedication Minor Clark and unidentified man with fish Minor Clark and another unidentified man Minor Clark with fish unidentified men Frank…

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  • Box 3, folder 3
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not dated

  • Box 3, folder 4
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1935-1968, Certificates Diploma from Princeton University Naval School of Military Government, January 27, 1945 Minor Clark named a collaborator of the Fund action Argentine - "CAPECON", December 25, 1967 Diploma from Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College, May 29, 1935 Diploma - Minor Clark awarded Doctor of Fishing degree from Jefferson County College, April 11, 1958 Award of Merit from Department of Conservation, March 27, 1963 Minor Clark named legal assistant on Advisory Commission on Wild Rivers, October 18, 1968 Award of Merit for Exceptional Leadership and Service, Dec 8, 1967 Minor Clark named an honorary citizen of Hazard, KY, Aug 13, 1962 Minor Clark named member of Honorary Society of KY Mountain Men, November 1, 1962 Pin Worn at dedication of Barkley Lock and Dam Project, Aug. 20, 1966

  • Box 3, folder 5
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Wrapped Items

Plague, Man of Service Award, 1962, 8 x 8 inches Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement, 1963, 4 x 5 inches Conservationist of the Year, 1972, 11 x 8 inches In Appreciation from League of Kentucky Sportsmen, 16 x 12 inches In Appreciation from Anderson County Sportsmen, 16 x 20 inches

Packet 1 - Photographs Lyndon Johnson (signed), 14 x 11 inches Ned Breathitt (signed), 14 x 11 inches Minor and Mrs. Clark, 14 x 11 inches Albert B. Chandler (signed), 14 x 11 inches Albert B. Chandler, 14 x 11 inches Clark taking the oath as Commissioner of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, 14 x 11 inches Bert Combs, W. Butler, Ed Adams, and Minor Clark, 14 x 11 inches Earle Clemmets (signed), 14 x 11 inches Bert Combs (signed), 14 x 11 inches Louie B. Nunn, 19 x 23 inches Lawrence Wetherby, 14 x 11 inches Minor Clark, Frank Phepps, Earl Wallace 16 x 12 inches Minor Clark and Commissioners, 20 x 16 inches

Packet 2 - Certificates Minor Clark commissioned a member of the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission, November 25, 1958 Minor Clark appointed Honorary Colonel in KY State Police, Dec 2, 1959 Minor Clark proclaimed a member of Jefferson County Park Pioneers, October 27, 1964 Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service to Farm Incentive Program, February 8, 1967 Minor Clark Commissioned as a Kentucky Colonel, October 4, 1955

Packet 3 - Charts Chart of dams, lakes, and building construction, c. 1950-1955, 19 x 19 inches