Southern Appalachian Studies - 1962 Regional Survey Records,1956-1972

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Southern Appalachian Studies - 1962 Regional Survey Records,1956-1972
Southern Appalachian Studies
ca. 63 lin. ft.; 205 audiotapes
Appalachia -- Religion
Appalachia -- Literature
Appalachia -- Agriculture
Appalachia -- Arts and crafts
Alabama -- Surveys, social
Georgia -- Surveys, social
North Carolina -- Surveys, social
Tennessee -- Surveys, social
Virginia -- Surveys, social
Appalachia -- Social problems
Appalachia -- Economy
Southern Appalachian Region: A Survey, edited by Thomas R. Ford (book)
Life and Religion in Southern Appalachia, by W. D. Weatherford, Sr. and Earl D. C. Brewer (book)
Appalachia -- Culture
Appalachia -- Surveys, social
Appalachia -- Migration
Appalachia -- Tourism
Appalachia -- Education
Appalachia -- Health
West Virginia -- Surveys, social
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Collection Overview

Biography / History
Southern Appalachian Studies (SAS) was established as a result of the Interdenominational Conference of Religious Workers in 1956. At that conference, a need was expressed for more adequate information if the broad range of problems said to be plaguing the Appalachian region was to be meaningfully addressed. Dr. Willis D. Weatherford, Sr., who had called the conference, subsequently approached Berea College president Francis S. Hutchins and was granted the use of campus office facilities, secured a $250,000 research grant from the Ford Foundation, and became Director of Administration of SAS.
The purposes of research were: to examine changes in Appalachia since the 1935 U.S. Department of Agriculture study of the area; to determine whether such changes were constructive or destructive; to examine the state of the region's health, education, religion, and economy; to determine the needs of the people with reference to the American standard of living and culture; and to determine what practical solutions might be identified through analysis of SAS research. Findings were published in two books: THE SOUTHERN APPALACHIAN REGION: A SURVEY (1962), edited by SAS Director of Research, Thomas R. Ford; and LIFE AND RELIGION IN SOUTHERN APPALACHIA (1962), by Willis D. Weatherford, Sr. and Earl D. C. Brewer.
Scope and Content
These detail sociological research conducted by Southern Appalachian Studies in the southern Appalachians from 1958 to 1962.
The collection details the research design and implementation involved in the SAS. It provides basic sociological data drawn from the Appalachian regions within Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, and resources for studying Appalachian migrants, tourism, religion, literature, agriculture, folk arts, and attitudes.