Rucker and Boone Ledger, 1860-1861

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Rucker and Boone Ledger, 1860-1861
Rucker and Boone Firm, Ruckerville, Clark County, Kentucky
1 volume
Rucker, Reuben, d. 1865
Boone, Isaac
Baker, James Henry
Adams, John Goff
Gentry, Franklin Marion, d. 1957
Rucker and Boone
Merchants--Kentucky--Clark County
Finding Aid Author
Archives Staff
Kentucky Historical Society

Collection Overview

Biography / History
The firm represented a partnership of Reuben Rucker (d. 1865) and Isaac Boone, which began October 1, 1860. The partnership and firm ended just over a year later, on November 27, 1861. Two auctions in November and December 1861 sold the firm's remaining inventory.
Scope and Content
The ledger contains accounts of the firm of Rucker and Boone, Ruckerville, Clark County, Kentucky. Settlements of outstanding accounts from the partnership's demise were recorded in the ledger from late 1861 to March 1862.
Two years following these settlements, Boone assigned his interest in the outstanding notes to Rucker. At Rucker's death in January 1865, an inventory and sale was made from his estate. Rucker's son-in-law, James Henry Baker, acted as clerk and paid part of the proceeds to another son-in-law, John Goff Adams.
Many of the customers of the firm were relatives of Rucker and Boone. They purchased typical items such as coffee, sugar, cotton, dish pans, and shoes.
A 1953 letter from the ledger's donor, Franklin Marion Gentry, is also present. It provided the history of the firm and the relationships of the customers to the proprietors.
Occupation: Merchants
County: Clark