Settlement Institutions of Appalachia Records,1970-1982

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Settlement Institutions of Appalachia Records,1970-1982
Settlement Institutions of Appalachia
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Organizations, religious -- Bethel Mennonite Center
Schools, religious -- Oneida Baptist Institute
Organizations, social service -- Jackson Area Ministries Resource and Training Center
Schools, settlement -- Sunset Gap Community School
Schools, religious -- Oneida Baptist Institute
Organizations, social service -- Settlement Institutions of Appalachia
Schools, settlement -- Pine Mountain Settlement School
Schools, settlement -- Hindman Settlement School
Schools, folk -- John C. Campbell Folk School
Schools, settlement -- Hazel Green Academy
Social settlements -- Henderson Settlement
Social settlements -- Red Bird Mission
Organizations, health care -- Frontier Nursing Service
Organizations, social service -- Buckhorn Children's Center
Organizations, religious -- Hinton Rural Life Center
Appalachia -- Schools, settlement
Appalachia -- Schools, folk
Appalachia -- Social settlements
Appalachia -- Organizations, health care
Appalachia -- Organizations, social service
Appalachia -- Organizations, religious
Appalachia -- Schools, religious
Leslie County, Kentucky -- Organizations, health care
Appalachia -- Community development
Appalachia -- Education
Pine Mountain, Kentucky -- Pine Mountain Settlement School
Beverly, Kentucky -- Red Bird Mission
Lost Creek, Kentucky -- Riverside Christian Training School
Newport, Tennessee -- Sunset Gap CommunitySchool
Buckhorn, Kentucky -- Buckhorn Children's Center
Hindman, Kentucky -- Hindman Settlement School
Wendover, Kentucky -- Frontier Nursing Service
Breathitt County, Kentucky -- Schools, religious
Clay County, Kentucky -- Schools, religious
Harlan County, Kentucky -- Schools, settlement
Jackson County, Kentucky -- Schools, settlement
Knott County, Kentucky -- Schools, settlement
Wolfe County, Kentucky -- Schools, settlement
Clay County, North Carolina -- Schools, folk
Clay County, North Carolina -- Organizations, religious
Jackson County, Ohio -- Organizations, social Service
Cocke County, Tennessee -- Schools, settlement
Bell County, Kentucky -- Social settlements
Leslie County, Kentucky -- Organizations, social Service
Perry County, Kentucky -- Organizations, social Service
Schools, religious -- Riverside Christian Training School
Schools, settlement -- Annville Institute
Annville, Kentucky -- Annville Institute
Rowdy, Kentucky -- Bethel Mennonite Center
Brasstown, North Carolina -- John C. Campbell Folk School
Hazel Green, Kentucky -- Hazel Green Academy
Frakes, Kentucky -- Henderson Settlement
Hayesville, North Carolina -- Hinton Rural Life Center
Jackson, Ohio -- Jackson Area Ministries Resource and Training Center
Oneida, Kentucky -- Oneida Baptist Institute
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Biography / History
Founded in 1970, SIA was originally composed of Annville Institute in Annville, Kentucky; Bethel Mennonite Center in Rowdy, Kentucky; John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina; Hazel Green Academy in Hazel Green, Kentucky; Henderson Settlement in Frakes, Kentucky; Hinton Rural Life Center in Hayesville, North Carolina; Jackson Area Ministries Resource and Training Center in Jackson, Ohio; Oneida Baptist Institute in Oneida, Kentucky; Pine Mountain Settlement School at Pine Mountain, Kentucky; Red Bird Mission in Beverly, Kentucky; Riverside Christian Training School in Lost Creek, Kentucky; and Sunset Gap Community School in Newport, Tennessee. By 1972, Buckhorn Children's Center in Buckhorn, Kentucky; Hindman Settlement School in Hindman, Kentucky; and Frontier Nursing Service in Wendover, Kentucky had also joined.
SIA was formed to assist member institutions in cooperative efforts, establish a clearinghouse to coordinate volunteer workers, and to assist in helping adapt institutional missions to changing needs. It was also created to continue long standing traditions of fostering education and community development, physical and spiritual health, and effective Appalachian leadership. Serving as a forum for the sharing of ideas and initiatives, SIA was empowered to help finance and coordinate the efforts of its members. By 1982, however, SIA became defunct because of financial difficulties and lack of interest among some of the members.
Scope and Content
These are the administrative records of the Settlement Institutions of Appalachia (SIA), an organization of fifteen institutions that served the Southern Appalachian region.
Materials consist of general administrative office files; institutional correspondence, financial ledgers, and files; institutional publications; and project files.