Cleanth Brooks papers


The Cleanth Brooks papers (dated 1948-1967, undated; 2 cubic feet; 6 boxes) contain works both written by and gathered by Brooks during his career as an English professor and literary critic.

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Cleanth Brooks papers
Brooks, Cleanth, 1906-1994
2 Cubic Feet
Lectures and lecturing -- Kentucky.
English literature.
New Criticism.
Collection is arranged by subject.
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Ida Sell
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62m67: [identification of item], Cleanth Brooks papers, 1948-1967, undated, University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center.
University of Kentucky

Collection Overview

Biography / History
Cleanth Brooks (1906-1994), Kentucky-born author, English professor, Faulkner scholar, and a founder of New Criticism, was born in Murray, Kentucky. He attended Vanderbilt University, Tulane University, and Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar (1929-1932). Brooks is noted primarily for his work as a literary critic and is considered an authority on the work of William Faulkner. The founder and editor of The Southern Review, Brooks has collaborated with Robert Penn Warren on several publications. Along with Warren, Brooks was a proponent of the New Criticism, a modern approach to the study of literature. His works include American Literature: The Makers and the Making (with Robert Penn Warren and R. W. B. Lewis) (1973), The Hidden God (1963), Literary Criticism (with William K. Wimsatt) (1957), Modern Poetry and the Tradition (1939), A Shaping Joy (1971), Understanding Fiction (with Warren) (1943), Understanding Poetry (with Warren) (1938), The Well Wrought Urn (1947), and four books on Faulkner.
Scope and Content
The Cleanth Brooks papers (dated 1948-1967, undated; 2 cubic feet; 6 boxes) contain works both written by and gathered by Brooks during his career as an English professor and literary critic. The lectures, articles, essays, and texts included in the collection are examples of the New Criticism movement in post-modern America. Many of the lectures were given at academic institutions and literary conferences in the 1950s and 1960s. Topics include T. S. Eliot, W. B. Yates, William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Percy, Sir Walter Scott, and William Wordsworth.

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Contents of the Collection

Lectures by Cleanth Brooks, 1961, undated

Lecture on Coleridge poems, undated

  • Box 1, folder 1
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Constancy to an Ideal Object, undated

  • Box 1, folder 2
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Scott and the Border Mistrelsy, undated

  • Box 1, folder 3
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Sir Walter Scott as a novelist, 1961

  • Box 1, folder 4
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Wordsworth lecture, undated

  • Box 1, folder 5
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Lectures and works collected or written by Cleanth Brooks, 1951-1963

A lecture on Auden as critic given before the English Institute, 1962

  • Box 2, folder 1
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A paper given at the South Atlantic MLA in Atlanta, 1951

  • Box 2, folder 2
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Lecture on Wallace Stevens, undated

  • Box 2, folder 3
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Review by Monroe Spears, The Poetry of W.H. Auden: The Disenchanted Island, 1963

  • Box 2, folder 4
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Lecture by Morton Danwey Zabel, Irony as a Principle of Structure, 1951

  • Box 2, folder 5
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Lecture by M.H. Abrams, Implications of an Organic Theory, 1957

  • Box 2, folder 6
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Article by Cleanth Brooks, The Use of Literature, 1963

  • Box 2, folder 7
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The Wolfer by Wallace Stegner, undated

  • Box 2, folder 8
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The Wolfer author's notes, undated

  • Box 2, folder 9-10
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Typescript, notes and correspondence from the publisher, 1962-1963

  • Box 2, folder 11
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Duplicate proofs of The Wolfer, 1961 February 2

  • Box 2, folder 12
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Tryout edition: A Program for the Close Reading of Wallace Stegner's The Wolfer by Cleanth Brooks, undated

  • Box 2, folder 13
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Lecture on Hardy published in Hopkins Review, 1952 February

  • Box 6, folder 1
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Milton and the New Criticism published in Sewanee Review, undated

  • Box 6, folder 2
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Review of Empson's Complex Words published in Kenyon Review, undated

  • Box 6, folder 3
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Statement on Agrarianism published in Standard Review, undated

  • Box 6, folder 4
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Lecture on Southern Regional Literature published in Louisiana Library Bulletin, undated

  • Box 6, folder 5
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Review of A.E. Housman's Collected Poems published in Kenyon Review, undated

  • Box 6, folder 6
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Review of Bishop and Auden published in Kenyon Review, undated

  • Box 6, folder 7
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Review of I.A. Richard's Coleridge on Imagination published in New Republic, undated

  • Box 6, folder 8
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Review of F.O. Matthienssen's Oxford Book of American Verse published in Poetry, undated

  • Box 6, folder 9
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Review of Alba H. Warren's English Poetic Verse published in English Poetic Theory, undated

  • Box 6, folder 10
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Analysis of Prayer for my Daughter and The Good Morrow published in Approach to Literature, undated

  • Box 6, folder 11
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Fragment of essay published in Et Veritas, 1952

  • Box 6, folder 12
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Zabel's Literary Opinion in America published in College English, undated

  • Box 6, folder 13
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Museum Theory in Art published in The Arts in America, undated

  • Box 6, folder 14
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Penshawe paper published by the Humanities University of Wisconsin Press, undated

  • Box 6, folder 15
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Review of Letters on Poetry from W.B. Yeats to Dorothy Wellesley published by Modern Language Notes, undated

  • Box 6, folder 16
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Paper given before New York Council Teachers of English at Rutgers University, 1948 April 23

  • Box 6, folder 17
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Review of Cecil Day Lewis' Poetry for You, undated

  • Box 6, folder 18
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Review of Poetry of Yeats by Louis Mac Neice published in Modern Language Notes, undated

  • Box 6, folder 19
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A Critic's credo published in Kenyon Review, undated

  • Box 6, folder 20
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Review of Tate's On the Limit's of Criticism published in Hudson Review, undated

  • Box 6, folder 21
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Part of Wasteland discussion and poetry, undated

  • Box 6, folder 22
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Paper at Round Table at the University of Wisconsin see The Humanities, undated

  • Box 6, folder 23
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The Christian Component, Yale University Press, undated

  • Box 6, folder 24
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The Hidden God, editing notes, undated

  • Box 6, folder 25
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The Hidden God, with editing notes, 1963

  • Box 6, folder 26
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Writings by Cleanth Brooks, 1948-1967

A note on the Literature of the Deep South, undated

  • Box 3, folder 1
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Christian Faith and the Contemporary Arts, Christian Myth and the Symbolist Poets, undated

  • Box 3, folder 2
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Review of Duncan, undated

  • Box 3, folder 3
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The Country Parson as Research Scholar: Thomas Percy 1760-1770, 1959

  • Box 3, folder 4
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The Criticism of Fiction: the role of Close Analysis, 1959 July 13

  • Box 3, folder 5
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The Hidden God: Studies in Hemingway, Faulkner, Yeats, Eliot and Warren, 1964

  • Box 3, folder 6
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American Literature: Mirror, Lens, or Prism?, 1967

  • Box 4, folder 1
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Art, Morality and Censorship, undated

  • Box 4, folder 2
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Critical Problems: Tone and Symbol, undated

  • Box 4, folder 3
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Eve's Awakening, Essays in Honor of Walter Clyde Curry, undated

  • Box 4, folder 4
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Faulkner's Go Getting Business Man, undated

  • Box 4, folder 5
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Faulkner's Sense of Community, undated

  • Box 4, folder 6
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Faulkner's Use of History, 1949

  • Box 4, folder 8
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Garden, Desert and Circle in Eliot's Poetry, undated

  • Box 4, folder 8
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Literary Criticism: Poet, Poem and Reader, 1958 November 28

  • Box 4, folder 9
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Modern Poetry: Its Aim and Its Spirit, 1958 June

  • Box 4, folder 10
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The Modern Writer and the Community He Writes For, 1965 October 15

  • Box 4, folder 11
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The Methodological Interpretation of Literature, undated

  • Box 4, folder 12
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Poetry and Poeticality, undated

  • Box 4, folder 13
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Prayer Book Revision: Literary Criticism, undated

  • Box 4, folder 14
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Race Problems in the Works of William Faulkner, undated

  • Box 4, folder 15
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Randall Jarrell's Eighth Air Force, undated

  • Box 5, folder 1
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Relation between Art and the Spirit of Man, 1965 June 16

  • Box 5, folder 2
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Some American Poets, undated

  • Box 5, folder 3
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Southern Literature: The Well Springs of its Vitality, undated

  • Box 5, folder 4
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The State of Criticism: A Sampling, undated

  • Box 5, folder 5
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The Thematic Aspect of Literature: A Cautionary Definition, 1955 November 25

  • Box 5, folder 6
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T.S. Eliot: The Thinker and the Artist, 1965 December 10

  • Box 5, folder 7
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Two Garden Poems: Marvel and Warren, 1948 April 7

  • Box 5, folder 8
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W.B. Yeats and His Quarrel with the Bourgeosie, undated

  • Box 5, folder 9
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W.B. Yeats as Critic, 1965 May 25

  • Box 5, folder 10
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