Burkholder (C. H.) Papers, 1937

Descriptive Summary

Burkholder (C. H.) Papers, 1937
Burkholder, C.H.
University of Louisville

Contents of the Collection

Flood, Louisville, 1937

1. Report of Check-up made on tank-car locations by C.H. Burkholder, Feb. 11, 1937 (cc)

2. U.S. Department of Agriculture. Weather Bureau: Hourly river stages at Louisville, KY., January 14 to February 7, 1937 (card)

3. Standard Printing Co., Louisville, KY.: Louisville Flood Map/showing flooded area... January 1937

4. Julian R. Fisher: Louisville and the 1937 Flood/with maps and elevations

5. American Red Cross - handouts

6. Printed material


(Louisville) Board of Trade. Journal; v.XXI, #2, March 1937

Commonwealth of Kentucky. Department of Health. Bulletin; v.IX, #9, April 1937

Ford News; March 1937

Oertel Brewing Co. Picture Story of the 1937 Flood/Louisville, Kentucky; n.d.

Synchronizer; v.XIV, #1; July 1937 (a monthly magazine for employees of the Louisville Gas and Electric Co.) 2c


Chicago Herald Examiner; Feb. 7, 1937

Louisville Courier-Journal and Times; Jan. 25-Feb. 5, 1937

and Courier-Journal and Times Flood Souvenir; Feb. 11, 1937

miscellaneous articles (2)