Chauncey Hawley Griffith papers


The Chauncey Hawley Griffith papers (dated 1903-1969, undated; 5.23 cubic feet, 7 boxes and 3 oversize boxes) primarily comprise manuscript correspondence, drawings, and proofs that document typefaces designed and developed by Chauncey Hawley Griffith, William Addison Dwiggins, and Rudolph Ruzicka for the Mergenthaler Linotype Company in the early- to mid-twentieth century.

Descriptive Summary

Chauncey Hawley Griffith papers
Griffith, Chauncey Hawley, 1879-1956
8.6 Cubic Feet
Type and type-founding.
Type ornaments
Graphic design (Typography)
Newspaper layout and typography
Collection is arranged into 6 series by subject and format: Typeface design and development, Mergenthaler Linotype Company, William Addison Dwiggins, Personal papers, Design pamphlets and writings, and Photographs.
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Collection Overview

Biography / History
Born in a small town near Ironton, Ohio in 1879, Chauncey Hawley Griffith moved with his family to Lexington, Kentucky when he was ten years old. As a young adult, he worked in several capacities for the Lexington news and print industry. He started at the Lexington Morning Transcript as a route carrier and in 1898 managed the advertisement room for the Lexington Herald, where Griffith first had occasion to work with Linotype machinery. In 1906, Griffith began working as a salesman based in New Orleans for the Mergenthaler Linotype Company. He transferred to the New York office in 1915, where he worked as assistant to the president and managed type designing and matrix manufacture until he was elected by the board as Vice President for Typographic Development in 1936.
During his many years at Mergenthaler, Griffith championed economical typeface design and print legibility. He was instrumental in improving the readability of newspaper fonts, particularly with the design of Ionic No. 5, which, introduced in 1926, was the first face specifically designed for newspaper reproduction. It was an instantaneous success and more papers used it than any other typeface at any other time. From this grew the entire family of the famed Linotype Legibility Group: Excelsior, Opticon, Paragon, and Corona. In 1938, Griffith designed the Bell Gothic typeface for maximum legibility in telephone books, where small type and newsprint paper often hindered readability.
Griffith resurrected and adapted numerous historic typefaces, including Baskerville, Janson, Excelsior, Granjon, Monticello, and Poster Bodoni. He also adapted a host of foreign language characters to the Linotype, including Amharic, Devanagari, and other Eastern scripts.
In addition to Griffith's own typeface projects, he solicited renowned artists William Addison Dwiggins and Rudolph Ruzicka to produce original typeface designs for Mergenthaler. Dwiggins's typefaces Caledonia and Electra, along with Ruzicka's Fairfield and Primer, were designed under Griffith's direction and are considered part of the nucleus of what has been called the American classics of type.
Griffith retired from Mergenthaler in 1949, but continued to work for the company as a consultant until his death in 1956.
Much Lexington Newspaper History Given By C. H. Griffith, Former Herald Printer Who Now Is Mergenthaler Vice President. The Lexington Herald: 5. August 11, 1937.
Something About C. H. Griffith And a Typographic Program.The Linotype News XV (no.1): 1. August 1936.
CHG: He Left a Legacy of Literacy. Linotype News: 6. Spring 1957.
Scope and Content
The Chauncey Hawley Griffith papers (dated 1903-1969, undated; 5.23 cubic feet, 7 boxes and 3 oversize boxes) primarily comprise manuscript correspondence, drawings, and proofs that document typefaces designed and developed by Chauncey Hawley Griffith, William Addison Dwiggins, and Rudolph Ruzicka for the Mergenthaler Linotype Company in the early- to mid-twentieth century.
The collection also includes Mergenthaler press releases and printed materials that advertise the company's machines and typefaces, writings and prints by and about Dwiggins that demonstrate his design acumen, a partial bibliography of Griffith's personal library, photographs of Griffith and his house, and correspondence and articles by Griffith that reflect his expertise in typography and Linotype printing.

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Contents of the Collection

Typeface design and development, circa 1925-1968, undated

Constitutes the bulk of the collection, with correspondence, proofs, and drawings that document the development of typefaces by Chauncey Hawley Griffith, William Addison Dwiggins, and Rudolph Ruzicka for the Mergenthaler Linotype Company. Primarily comprises Dwiggins's drawings and manuscript correspondence, which demonstrate the collaboration between Dwiggins as designer and Griffith as manager to produce economical typefaces for Mergenthaler. Includes original correspondence and drawings from Dwiggins to Griffith, typescript correspondence by Griffith to Dwiggins with suggested typeface design edits, and typescript transcriptions of the original Dwiggins correspondence with explanatory annotations by Griffith. Also includes correspondence and proofs that document historic typefaces resurrected by Griffith and correspondence and proofs for original typefaces designed by Rudolph Ruzicka under Griffith's direction. Arranged in subseries by designer and thereunder alphabetically by typeface.

Chauncey Hawley Griffith, 1926-1956, undated

Amharic and Eastern scripts correspondence, proofs, and samples, 1934-1949, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 1
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Amharic keyboard diagram and Devanagari article, 1933, 1955

  • Box 6, folder 1
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Astree correspondence and proofs, 1926, 1929

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 2
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Baskerville original and photocopied correspondence and proofs, 1930-1938, 1954, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 3
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Bell Gothic correspondence and proof, 1937, 1953-1954

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 4
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Bodoni correspondence and proof, 1929

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 5
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Bulmer correspondence and samples, 1937, 1942

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 6
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Corona clippings, 1942, 1954

  • Box 5, folder 1
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Corona description, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 7
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Estienne book printed by G. W. Jones correspondence and proof, 1929

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 8
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Excelsior description, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 9
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Ionic no. 5 description, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 10
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Janson original and photocopied correspondence, 1929-1936, 1953, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 11
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Monticello announcement, article, and proofs, 1954, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 12
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Monticello correspondence and announcement drafts, 1950-1951, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 13
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Monticello oversize announcement and sample, 1949, undated

  • Box 5, folder 2
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Monticello oversize specimen, 1949

  • Box 6, folder 2
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Newspaper headlines, correspondence and proofs, 1935-1956, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 14
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Opticon description, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 15
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Paragon description, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 16
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Placard correspondence and drawings, 1940

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 17
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Scotch no. 2 correspondence and proof, 1930

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 18
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Venezia correspondence, 1929-1930, 1953

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 19
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William Addison Dwiggins, circa 1925-1961, undated

Arcadia, experimental no. 265 and no. 278, 1942-1954

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 20
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Brochure and Charter, experimental no. 221 and no. 222, 1937-1955, undated

Original correspondence and proofs, 1937-1942, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 21
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Typescript correspondence, 1937-1955, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 22
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Photostat negatives, 1937-1943, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 23
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Oversize proofs, 1938

  • Box 6, folder 3
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Caledonia, experimental no. 78, 1932-1961, undated

35mm microfilm of drawings and writings, undated

  • Box 8
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Brochures, 1953, 1961

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 24
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Typescript correspondence and photostat negatives, 1932-1939, 1955, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 25
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Typescript correspondence with supplements, 1932-1939, 1955, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 26
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Oversize proof copies, 1933-1935

  • Box 5, folder 3
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Cheltenham, 1939-1948, undated

Oversize drawings and correspondence, 1942-1948

  • Box 5, folder 4
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Poster, 1948

  • Box 6, folder 4
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Revised experiments, 1939-1945, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 27
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Coptic, 1942

Correspondence, proofs, drawings, and announcement, 1942

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 28
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Print with photostats, undated

  • Box 5, folder 5
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Eldorado, experimental no. 222 and no. 269, 1937-1953, undated

Correspondence, drawings, and proofs, 1942-1953, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 29
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From the Pen of W. A. Dwiggins, A New Linotype Face-Eldorado in Linotype News, volume 29, no. 4, p. 6, 1951 Summer

  • Box 5, folder 6
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Oversize drawing, 1942

  • Box 6, folder 5
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Steel pen design correspondence, 1937-1939

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 30
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Steel pen design oversize drawings, 1938

  • Box 5, folder 7
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Electra, experimental nos. 29, 40, 46, 55, 237, 1929-1955, undated

Correspondence, proofs, and drawings, 1929-1939, 1955, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 31
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Drawings, sketches, and stencils, 1929, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 32
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Electra bold and Electra italic, 1935-1939, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 33
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Emblems and Electra announcement brochure, layout and copy, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 34
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The Evolution of Electra, 1930-1939, no. 1, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 35
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The Evolution of Electra, 1930-1939, no. 2, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 36
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The Evolution of Electra, 1930-1939, no. 3, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 37
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Linotype News, volume 32, no. 2, 1954 Fall

  • Box 5, folder 8
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Oversize drawings, 1938-1939, undated

  • Box 5, folder 9
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Photostat negatives, 1955

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 38
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The Evolution of Electra, 1930-1939, no. 3, undated

Experimental no. 223, 1937-1956, undated

Original correspondence and proofs, 1937-1943, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 39
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Annotated dossier, 1937-1956, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 40
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Dossier draft, 1937-1956, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 41
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Supplemental data, 10 point experiment, 1943-1956, undated

  • Box 72m31-01, folder 42
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Experimental no. 267D, 1942-1947, undated

Correspondence, proofs, and drawings, 1942-1947, undated

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 1
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Drawings, 1942

  • Box 5, folder 10
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Falcon, experimental no. 249 and no. 266, 1929-1954, undated

Original correspondence, 1929, 1932-1936

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 2
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Original correspondence, 1936-1939

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 3
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Original correspondence, 1939-1942

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 4
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Typescript correspondence, 1932-1954

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 5
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Typescript correspondence with supplements, 1932-1954, undated

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 6
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Oversize drawings, 1937-1940

  • Box 5, folder 11
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Oversize drawings and proofs, 1941-1942

  • Box 5, folder 12
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The Beginning and the Completion of Revised Falcon no. 266 , 1942-1953

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 7
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First Setup of Falcon, Experimental CCLXVI , 1943

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 8
W.A.D.'s prospectus and layout details of a booklet for testing the printing performance of Falcon no. 266, and copies of the booklet printed on sundry paper surfaces.
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First Setup of Falcon, Experimental CCLXVI oversize drawing, [1943]

  • Box 5, folder 13
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Granjon correspondence, 1931, 1944, undated

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 9
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Greek experiments, 1945-1949

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 10
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Metro series, 1929-1947, undated

Correspondence, proofs, and drawings, 1929-1933, undated

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 11
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Drawing fragments, 1930-1947, undated

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 12
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Newspaper typography experiments, 1936-1943, undated

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 13
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Ornaments and decorative material, 1930-1943, undated

Correspondence, proofs, and drawings, 1930-1943, undated

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 14
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Oversize proofs, undated

  • Box 7, folder 1
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R. H. Macy and Co., experimental no. 70, 1932-1934, undated

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 15
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Stuyvesant, experimental no. 267 and no. 274, 1942-1956, undated

Original correspondence, proofs, and drawings, 1942-1948, undated

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 16
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Oversize proofs, 1948

  • Box 5, folder 14
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Typescript correspondence with supplements, 1942-1948, 1956

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 17
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The Shirley Letters from the California Mines: 1851-1852 proofs, 1949

  • Box 7, folder 2
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Tippecanoe, experimental no. 268 and no. 283, 1942-1946

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 18
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Winchester, experimental no. 223 and no. 264, 1942-1955, undated

Photostat negatives and annotated correspondence, 1942-1955, undated

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 19
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Transcription with originals, 1942-1955, undated

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 20
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Annotated transcriptions, 1942-1955

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 21
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Oversize proofs, galleys, and correspondence, 1942

  • Box 6, folder 6
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Looking Toward a Change in Lower-Case Type Forms , undated

  • Box 5, folder 15
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Undeveloped experiments, circa 1925-1956, undated

Correspondence and drawings, 1948

  • Box 5, folder 16
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Cursive experiments, 1934-1956, undated

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 22
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Cursive oversize proofs, 1938, undated

  • Box 5, folder 17
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Economical book composition, 1942, undated

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 23
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Economical book composition oversize proofs, 1942

  • Box 5, folder 18
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Sans serif experimental nos. 10, 11A, 11B, 63, 1929-1932, undated

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 24
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Sans serif drawings, 1948

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 25
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Sans serif oversize stencil, with Griffith annotation, circa 1925, 1937

  • Box 7, folder 3
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Assorted and unidentified, 1929-1955, undated

Correspondence in this subseries was in envelopes marked, Returned by CHG 2-16-55.


  • Box 72m31-02, folder 26
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  • Box 72m31-02, folder 27
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  • Box 5, folder 19
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1951, 1955, undated

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 28
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Unidentified typeface, photostat measurements, undated

  • Box 5, folder 20
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Rudolph Ruzicka, 1935-1968, undated

Fairfield announcements and proofs, 1938-1958, undated

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 29
Draft announcement has correspondence and edits by Dwiggins.
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Fairfield correspondence, proofs, and development, 1938, 1955, undated

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 30
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Fairfield photostat negatives, 1937-1938, undated

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 31
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Fairfield oversize negatives and proofs, 1955, undated

  • Box 5, folder 21
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Harvard pamphlet correspondence, 1935-1942

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 32
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Studies in Type Design announcement, 1968

  • Box 72m31-02, folder 33
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Mergenthaler Linotype Company, 1931-1966, undated

Comprises press releases, pamphlets, proofs, and typographic records of typefaces designed for the Mergenthaler Linotype Company. Also includes Mergenthaler annual reports, company newsletters, and pamphlets promoting Linotype machinery and supplies. Typographic records consist of brochures, advance proofs, correspondence, advertisements, new character reports, and matrix faces of types manufactured.

Advance typeface proofs, 1940, 1954-1966

  • Box 72m31-03, folder 1
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Advertisement proofs, 1954-1958

  • Box 72m31-03, folder 2
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Advertising pamphlet, undated

  • Box 72m31-03, folder 3
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Annual reports, 1954-1955

  • Box 72m31-03, folder 4
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Articles, 1954-1964

  • Box 6, folder 7
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The Big Scheme of Simple Operation: A Primer on Linotype Mechanism and Operation, by Mergenthaler Linotype Company, 1940

  • Box 72m31-03, folder 5
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Heads and Bodies: For Use in the Study and Planning of Linotype Newspaper Typography , 1946

  • Box 72m31-03, folder 6
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Linotype books on matrices, accessories, and supplies, 1937, 1945, undated

  • Box 72m31-03, folder 7-8
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The Linotype Development of Typefaces, by C. H. Griffith, circa 1938

  • Box 72m31-03, folder 9
[...] printed for The Annual of Bookmaking in April, 1938. The typography was planned by W. A. Dwiggins and Paul A. Bennett. The decorative material, designed for Linotype by Mr. Dwiggins, is here shown for the first time.
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Linotype machine pamphlets, 1954-1965, undated

  • Box 72m31-03, folder 10-11
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Linotype News, volume 30, no. 3, 1952 Spring

  • Box 5, folder 22
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Linotype News, volume 32, no. 1, circa 1953

  • Box 5, folder 23
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The Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School in Baltimore in the School Board Journal, pp. 43-52, 1954 October

  • Box 72m31-03, folder 12
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Newsletters, 1957-1958

  • Box 72m31-03, folder 13
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Newsletters, oversize, 1963, undated

  • Box 7, folder 4
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Typeface pamphlets, 1931-1956, undated

  • Box 72m31-03, folder 14-15
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Typeface pamphlets, oversize, [1955]-[1963], undated

  • Box 5, folder 24
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Typographic records, 1950 March-1951 February

  • Box 72m31-03, folder 16-17
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Typographic records, 1951 March-1952 January 31

  • Box 72m31-03, folder 18-19
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Typographic records, 1952 February-1953 March

  • Box 72m31-03, folder 20
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Typographic records, 1953 March-1954 July

  • Box 72m31-03, folder 21-22
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Typographic records, 1954 August-1956 September

  • Box 72m31-03, folder 23
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William Addison Dwiggins, 1925-1965, undated

Comprises small print publications designed by Dwiggins, articles by Dwiggins about typography and printing, biographical writings that describe Dwiggins's life and career, and Puterschein-Hingham prints from the printing press that Dwiggins founded and managed with Dorothy Abbe.

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) anniversary stamp, 1940

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 1
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Articles and book announcements, 1931-1965, undated

  • Box 5, folder 25
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Biography by Mabel Hoyle Dwiggins, 1957-1958

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 2
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Book jackets, bookplates, and book design, 1929, undated

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 3
Primarily books published by Alfred A. Knopf and Borzoi.
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Calendar, The Marchbanks Press, 1925, 1955

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 4
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Contemporary title pages, 1930-1932, 1953, undated

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 5
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Dwiggins and the Borzoi by Alfred A. Knopf, in Publishers' Weekly, pp. 95-97, 1957 June 3

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 6
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Eulogy booklet, 1957 March

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 7
Designed and printed by Harold Seeger and Alert Sperisen at their Black Vine Press in San Francisco for The Typophiles, March, 1957. This eulogy was written by Paul Bennett. Set in Dwiggins's typeface, Caledonia.
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Exhibition invitations, 1940-1958, undated

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 8
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The Feather-Vender Zodiac Calendar, 1951

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 9
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Hokusai's preface to his Hundred Views of Fuji print, 1949

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 10
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The legibility of printing types, original correspondence and booklets, 1935, 1939, 1947

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 11
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The legibility of printing types, annotated typescripts and copies, 1939, 1956

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 12
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Letterheads and Christmas card, 1957, undated

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 13
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Mailing envelopes, labels, and stencil prints, 1937-1965, undated

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 14
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Oversize mailing envelopes, 1937, 1951

  • Box 5, folder 26
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Puterschein-Hingham, Animalore: Ananimalanthology and thank you card, 1951-1953

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 15
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Puterschein-Hingham Petrouchka woodcut print, 1952

  • Box 6, folder 8
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Two New Type Faces, Two New Books by W. A. Dwiggins in Publishers' Weekly, pp. 1335-1339, 1949 September 10

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 16
On experimental no. 283 and The Creaking Stair and on Stuyvesant type and The Shirley Letters.
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Personal papers, 1908-1957, undated

Comprises business cards that document Griffith's professional development, membership cards and travel documents pertaining to Griffith's extracurricular pursuits, articles about typography and Griffith's design career, and assorted correspondence with designers and historical institutions. Also includes a partial bibliography of Griffith's personal library, a report by Griffith on the authenticity of the William F. Horn Papers, and a Hobby scrapbook of Popular Mechanic articles.

Articles about Griffith, 1948-1956

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 17
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Articles about Griffith, oversize, 1931-1957, undated

  • Box 6, folder 9
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Articles on printing and type, 1947-1954, undated

  • Box 5, folder 27
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Bibliography of a portion of the Griffith library, [1953]

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 18
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Book Club of California, 1954-1955

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 19
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Borough of York seals, undated

  • Box 9
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Colonial Williamsburg correspondence, 1949, undated

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 20
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Correspondence, 1933-1955

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 21
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Correspondence with Higgins-McArthur Company, 1956

  • Box 5, folder 28
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Correspondence with Rudolph Ruzicka, 1955

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 22
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European travel documents, 1928-1947, undated

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 23
Luggage tags, calendar pages, and hotel invoices.
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Hobby scrapbook, 1947-1950, undated

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 24
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The Horn Papers, 1947

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 25
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The Horn Papers correspondence and oversize clipping, 1947

  • Box 5, folder 29
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Invitations, 1936-1954, undated

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 26
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Letterhead, bookplates, business cards, and notes, 1908-1935, undated

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 27
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Membership cards and official documents, 1917-1945

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 28
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A Prospectus Giving Particulars and Specimen Pages of the New Oxford Lectern Bible , 1935

  • Box 6, folder 10
The Oxford Lectern Bible was designed by Bruce Rogers and presented to the Library of Congress. Griffith was one of the contributors to the project.
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Design pamphlets and writings, 1903-1969, undated

Comprises pamphlets, writings, and prints by and about designers. Also includes exhibition gallery guides, essays on design and typography by Mergenthaler Manager of Typographic Promotion Paul Bennett, and CHG to WAD, a proof for a pamphlet on the collaborative relationship between Dwiggins and Griffith by the Atlanta Graphic Arts Library.

The Adams Papers, L. H. Butterfield, circa 1955

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 29
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Banquet pamphlet to Philip Tell Dodge from the Mergenthaler Linotype Company and the International Paper Company, 1919

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 30
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CHG to WAD: The Type Director to a Type Designer, proof from the Atlanta Graphic Arts Library, 1955

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 31
Biographical Spotlighting on the Career of the Linotype Salesman who became Vice President and Director of Typographic Development, Engaging the Originative Talents of William A. Dwiggins and Rudolph Ruzicka and others, Causing Important Uplift in Linotype Typography, Including Some Notes on CHG's Guidance of WAD on Technical Procedures.
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An Exhibition of Contemporary American Book Illustration: As Represented by the Work of W. A. Dwiggins, Rockwell Kent, Rudolph Ruzicka, Edward A. Wilson at the Lakeside Press Galleries, R. R. Donnelley and Sons Company, Chicago, 1930

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 32
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An Exhibition of the Work of Rudolph Ruzicka, The American Institute of Graphic Arts at the Gallery of the Architectural League, 1935

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 33
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Frederic Goudy birthday tributes, 1938

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 34
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French calligraphic manuscript of prayers pamphlet, 1942

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 35
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The Linotype: To Intending Purchasers, The De Vinne Press, circa 1903

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 36
To top

The Omnibus of Typefaces: From the Eighth Graphic Arts Production Yearbook , 1948

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 37
To top

Paul Bennett writings, 1953-1958, undated

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 38
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Printing News [reprint], volume LXXXII no. 6, 1969 February 8

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 39
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Proteus Papers, Veronica Ruzicka announcement, undated

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 40
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The Reader's Digest, volume 43, no. 258, 1943 October

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 41
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Strathmore expressive printing papers, 1953-1954, undated

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 42
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What Are Today's Most Popular Type Faces?, [Robert Nicholson], undated

  • Box 72m31-04, folder 43
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United Nations charter, 1945

  • Box 7, folder 5
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Photographs, 1916-1951, undated

Primarily comprises black and white portraits of Chauncey Hawley Griffith and photographs of Griffith's house and lawn. Also includes a photograph of Griffith on the SS Bremen and photographs of Griffith in Mergenthaler offices with Pakistani governor Abdur Rahman Siddiqui and with fellow salesman Harry Porte.

Abdur Rahman Siddiqui and Chauncey Hawley Griffith in the office of the Vice President, Mergenthaler Linotype Company, New York, 1944 December 26

  • Box 10, item 1
Siddiqui, Mayor of Calcutta, India and publisher of Calcutta Morning News. Photo by Tommy Weber.
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Chauncey Hawley Griffith looking at typeface drawing, undated

  • Box 10, item 2
Back of photo reads, A Robert Yarnall Photograph.
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Chauncey Hawley Griffith reading a book and smoking a pipe, 1916

  • Box 10, item 3
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Chauncey Hawley Griffith at a restaurant table [with a waiter?] on the SS Bremen, westbound, 1935

  • Box 10, item 4
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Chauncey Hawley Griffith and sales manager Harry Porte in Porte's office, Brooklyn, 1951 June

  • Box 10, item 5
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View of white Tudor house and landscape, undated

  • Box 10, item 6
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View of white Tudor house, undated

  • Box 10, item 7-8
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Chipmunks in glass jar , undated

  • Box 10, item 9
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Birds at bath , undated

  • Box 10, item 10
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My loafing spot , undated

  • Box 10, item 11
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Pacyhsandra out of focus in foreground, undated

  • Box 10, item 12
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Spray running , undated

  • Box 10, item 13
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More spray , undated

  • Box 10, item 14
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Birdbath in landscape , undated

  • Box 10, item 15-18
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Chipmunk on a jar, undated

  • Box 10, item 19
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Sprinkler in yard, undated

  • Box 10, item 20
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