0:03 - Interview Introduction

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Partial Transcript:I'm Col. Arthur L. Kelly. I'm in Lexington, Kentucky in the home of Mr. Edwin Rue, a veteran of World War II.

Segment Synopsis: Col. Kelly introduces World War II veteran Edwin Rue. Rue served with Company D, 192nd Tank Battalion.

Keywords: 192nd Tank Battalion; Company D; WWII

Subjects: World War, 1939-1945

1:05 - High School Sports Career

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Partial Transcript:One is the sports that you participated in High School...

Segment Synopsis: Edwin Rue talks about his experiences as high school athlete, playing basketball and football.

Keywords: High School Basketball; High School Football

Subjects: Basketball. Football.

12:01 - College Years

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Partial Transcript:In college, where did you go go?

Segment Synopsis: Rue talks about how he went back to high school and became inspired to go to college. He went to the University of Kentucky, took up photography and met his wife during this time.

Keywords: Higher Education; Secondary Education; University of KY

Subjects: Education, higher. University of Kentucky.

17:53 - William Gentry as a Squad Leader

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Partial Transcript:Let me ask something about some these people here; who they are and so on.

Segment Synopsis: Colonel Kelly asks him about some of his fellow soldiers from Kentucky. In addition, William H. Gentry's abilities as a squad leader are discussed.

Keywords: Squad Leaders; William H. Gentry; WWII

Subjects: Kentucky. Soldiers.

27:01 - Sergeant Morgan French

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Partial Transcript:Tell me about Morgan French and what Motor Sergeant was he?

Segment Synopsis: Edwin Rue talks about his encounters with Sergeant Morgan French and his brother, who was killed at Bataan. He also describes how well he knew his other fellow soldiers and his opinions of them.

Keywords: Bataan; Sgt. Morgan French

Subjects: Bataan (Philippines : Province). Soldiers.

40:23 - George Van Arsdale's Death and Family

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Partial Transcript:Did you see Van Arsdale there at Cabanatuan?

Segment Synopsis: He describes the health decline of fellow soldier, George Van Arsdale, who later died. He talks about George's family back in Harrodsburg.

Keywords: George Vanarsdale; Harrodsburg (KY.); WWII

Subjects: Harrodsburg (Ky.). Soldiers.

46:51 - Death March

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Partial Transcript:Collin went on down into the camp and we were searched again. I still had my musette bag. I emptied it out and the 3 or 4 round of...

Segment Synopsis: He talks about his experiences at Camp O'Donnell and the Bataan Death March. He tells of his close call with Japanese officers during that time.

Keywords: Bataan Death March; Camp O'Donnell(Philippines)

Subjects: Bataan (Philippines : Province). Bataan Death March, Philippines, 1942. Japanese

53:04 - Fellow Soldiers

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Partial Transcript:Preston, did you know much about him?

Segment Synopsis: He continues to discuss his fellow soldiers, who were a part of the Harrodsburg National Guard and also served in WWII. He describes Morris Collier's skills as a tanker.

Keywords: Harrodsburg National Guard; Morris Collier; tankers

Subjects: Soldiers.

57:31 - The Homefront

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Partial Transcript:I had had ROTC at the University.

Segment Synopsis: He talks about courting his wife, his daughters, grandchildren, and their education background. Edwin also talks about the what was going on in Harrodsburg during the war, the strikes, and how it affected the war effort.

Keywords: Children; Education; Family; Harrodsburg(KY.); University of KY

Subjects: Education Harrodsburg (Ky.). University of Kentucky.

70:39 - Zentsuji and Rokuroshi

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Partial Transcript:We get people who were in Zentsuji Prison Camp, still send in little contributions to help the production of this paper and they tell..

Segment Synopsis: He talks about the feeling kinship between the prisoners that were in the Zentsuji Prison Camp and that they still produce a newsletter to update all of the soldiers on each other. In addition, he describes the diseases that went around at the camp.

Keywords: Diseases; Friendships; Prisoners of War (POW); Rokuroshi Prison Camp(Japan); Zentsuji Prison Camp(Japan)

Subjects: Diseases. Zentsūji-shi (Japan).

81:17 - Close Calls With Death

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Partial Transcript:What was the narrowest escape or the closest you came to death...

Segment Synopsis: He talks about the bombing at Clark Field and how he escaped it. Furthermore, he discusses his thoughts and feelings about what was going on around him while the field was being bombed.

Keywords: bomb attacks; Clark Field(Philippines); personal reflections

Subjects: Clark Field (Philippines)

84:43 - Liaison to General Douglas MacArthur

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Partial Transcript:Can you recall some of the things that you saw about General MacArthur and what you heard about him?

Segment Synopsis: He talks about his duties in headquarters as liaison and experiences with General Douglas MacArthur.

Keywords: General Douglas MacArthur; Headquarters Company

Subjects: MacArthur, Douglas, 1880-1964.

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