0:01 - Interview introduction and background

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Partial Transcript:...See what we come up with... um...

Segment Synopsis: Elizabeth Dickey is the wife of former UK president Frank Dickey. She was adopted when she was 15 and came to Lexington from Missouri. She talks about her educational background and her early relationship with her husband, who was a student teacher when she was in high school.

Keywords: adoption;Bryan Station High School (Lexington, Ky.).;Lafayette High School (Lexington, Ky.).;marriage;student teachers

Subjects: Basketball.;Dickey, Frank Graves.;Saint Joseph (Mo.).;Transylvania University.;University of Kentucky.

4:36 - Hobbies and Dickey's parents

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Partial Transcript:I didn't drop out of college. I pooped out. I had too many irons in the fire.

Segment Synopsis: She talks about all of the things she did as a student, which eventually led to her leaving school. She talks about her parents and how they came to Lexington. She talks about her disappointment that Kentucky did not allow girls' basketball at the time that she moved there.

Keywords: church choirs;college;floods;horse business;Ira Drymon;radio stations;Scottish Americans;student life;women's basketball

Subjects: Cincinnati (Ohio).;Indiana.;Louisville (Ky.).;Missouri.;Ohio River.;University of Kentucky.;World War, 1939-1945.

8:37 - Early married life

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Partial Transcript:So, when you all got married, where'd you get married?

Segment Synopsis: She talks about her marriage to Frank Dickey and the wedding ceremony, the reaction of their parents and where they lived after they were married. She talks about his early teaching career, her husband's time in the army and their move to Gainsville, Florida.

Keywords: babies;Bryan Station High School (Lexington, Ky.);cancer;children;Dr. E.W. Delcamp;family members;Henry Hill;Howard Apartments;hurricanes;marriage;married life;military service;ministers;Morton Middle School (Lexington, Ky.);New Union Christian Church;weddings

Subjects: Dickey, Frank Graves.;Florida.;Gainesville (Fla.).;Jacksonville (Fla.).;Korea.;Teaching.

16:14 - Dr. Dickey's military experience

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Partial Transcript:Now, Dr. Dickey didn't go to Korea, though? No, 'cause Joe's twelve points kept him from going.

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Dickey barely avoided being shipped out to Korea, instead staying in the army in the U.S. Mrs. Dickey stayed with her parents while he was gone. She talks about going to Cincinnati to meet his train, which was very late. She recounts her conversation with one of the other wives who were waiting for their husbands to come home.

Keywords: letters;parents;pink eye;trains;weight issues;wives

Subjects: Cincinnati (Ohio);Dickey, Frank Graves.;Korea.

19:56 - Education After WWII

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Partial Transcript:So, then after he came back, um, where did you move to then?

Segment Synopsis: She recounts she and her husband's living situation after the war, while he was working on his doctorate. She talks about the support that he got during this time, both from her and from others. She remembers a severe illness that her son suffered from.

Keywords: commencements;G I Bill;Hamburg Avenue;Henry Hill;Joe Dickey;pneumonia;Ransom Street;saving money;speech impediments;veteran education benefits;Woodland Christian Church (Lexington, Ky.)

Subjects: Dickey, Frank Graves.;Education.;Histoplasmosis.;Lexington (Ky.).;United States. Montgomery G.I. Bill.;University of Kentucky.

25:21 - Life after Dickey's getting his doctorate

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Partial Transcript:As he was getting close to finishing the doctorate, and you all would sit around and talk about your future...

Segment Synopsis: She talks about various jobs her husband applied for, and why they decided to stay in Lexington. She talks about the work that he did for the bureau and buying a house. She briefly talks about her father and his reaction to her living conditions after her marriage.

Keywords: Ann Dickey;Ashland Elementary School (Lexington, Ky.).;borrowing money;bureau of school service;Colonel Sanders;Dean Taylor;houses;professors;Southern Illinois

Subjects: Corbin (Ky.).;Dickey, Frank Graves.;Education.;Harlan County (Ky.).;Lexington (Ky.).;Southern Illinois University Carbondale.;Transylvania University.;University of Florida.;University of Kentucky.

30:05 - The university life and Dickey's wedding

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Partial Transcript:Did you enjoy the life connected with the university? Very much. What was it like at this early point when...

Segment Synopsis: She talks about the social life connected to the university and some of her friends that she made through her husband's work. She remembers her wedding in greater detail, especially the friends who were involved with it.

Keywords: Bob Delcamp;fraternities;Harold Adams;horses;Kiwanis;recruiting;sororities;Suzanne Adams;textbooks;wedding dresses

Subjects: Dickey, Frank Graves.;Education.;Stephens College.;University of Kentucky.

33:56 - Dean Taylor and Dean White

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Partial Transcript:Um, what were your impressions of some of the people over at the university, people like Dean Taylor, Dr. Donovan...

Segment Synopsis: She gives her impressions of Dean William Taylor and Dean Martin White. She talks about an incident that involved White publicly badmouthing the administration, something that made her very upset. Eventually she changed her mind about him, though.

Keywords: administrations;Kiwanis;Martin White;widows;William S. Taylor

Subjects: Dickey, Frank Graves.;University of Kentucky.;University of Kentucky. College of Education.

36:27 - Social events and clubs

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Partial Transcript:Um, were you um, did you get involved in university clubs or social activities as a faculty wife?

Segment Synopsis: Dickey talks about some of the social activities she was involved in as a professor's wife.

Keywords: children;church choirs;housework;potlucks;social events;Sunday school;women's clubs;Woodland Christian Church (Lexington, Ky.)

Subjects: Dickey, Frank Graves.;University of Kentucky.;University of Kentucky. College of Education.

38:09 - Harvard

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Partial Transcript:...made dean of the College of Education on one condition: that as soon as he could familiarize himself with the job...

Segment Synopsis: She talks about the circumstances of her husband's becoming dean of the College of Education, and how he was considered to be "too provincial". He received a grant to go to Harvard in order to remedy this. Dickey talks about the year that they spent living there.

Keywords: Ann Dickey;Botanic Gardens Apartments;Carnegie grants;churches;coal;croup;family;fellowships;Frank Dickey, Jr.;historical sites;illness;Joe Dickey;subways;teachers

Subjects: Boy scouts.;Cambridge (Mass.).;Dickey, Frank Graves.;Education.;Harvard University.;University of Kentucky.;University of Kentucky. College of Education.

42:06 - Entertaining and raising chickens

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Partial Transcript:It's when we began to do a little more entertaining at home. We had a house we could entertain in.

Segment Synopsis: She talks about buying a house and entertaining after her husband became dean. She mentions raising chickens.

Keywords: chickens;entertaining;home repairs;new homes

Subjects: Dickey, Frank Graves.

43:14 - The politics of becoming UK's president

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Partial Transcript:

Segment Synopsis: She talks about her husband becoming university president and her reactions to it. She describes some of the people competing for the position and the politics involved in who got the position.

Keywords: competition;horses;Lyman Ginger;university presidents

Subjects: Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991.;Dickey, Frank Graves.;Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;University of Kentucky.;University of Kentucky. College of Education.

49:22 - Financial difficulties and the second marriage of Elizabeth Dickey's father

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Partial Transcript:Oh, I'm going to have to back up just a minute. While we were at Harvard...

Segment Synopsis: Dickey talks about a financial error that caused she and her family to have very little to live on while her husband was at Harvard. This led to her selling her house. She talks about the medical difficulties of her sister and the death of her mother after a long struggle with cancer. Her father got married again while they were still in Massachusetts. She mentions other events that happened around that time. (1953)

Keywords: blood transfusions;bounced checks;Christmas;correspondence courses;financial difficulties;Mr. Darcy;second marriages;stepmothers;stipends

Subjects: Dickey, Frank Graves.;Harvard University.;University of Kentucky.

52:48 - Maxwell Place

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Partial Transcript:What was it like, uh, moving into Maxwell Place?

Segment Synopsis: Dickey talks about her experience moving into Maxwell Place after her husband became president of the University of Kentucky. She describes what it was like to be the president's wife and what Maxwell Place was like when she and her family moved in.

Keywords: carpeting;furniture;home repair;housework;maintenance;Maxwell Place;Mrs. Donovan;remodeling;university presidents

Subjects: University of Kentucky.

56:09 - Dickey's children and her father

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Partial Transcript:What'd you think about your children living over there on campus? Did you have any concern about that?

Segment Synopsis: Dickey talks about her concerns for her children when they moved to Maxwell Place. She tells how she volunteered for 4-H and gives her father's background in agriculture. She talks about her children's schooling.

Keywords: Ann Dickey;children;extension agents;Maxwell Place;moving;sewing;university school

Subjects: Basketball.;University of Kentucky.4-H clubs.;University of Missouri.

58:53 - Wife of the university president

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Partial Transcript:Uh, looking back at the time you were wife of the president... what, what'd you like most about it?

Segment Synopsis: She talks about her experiences while her husband was university president, and some of her more memorable moments.

Keywords: Ann Dickey;children;entertaining;Frank Dickey, Jr.university presidents;Joe Dickey;To Kill a Mockingbird

Subjects: Dickey, Frank Graves.;University of Kentucky.

62:01 - Projects and newspapers

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Partial Transcript:Were there particular projects that you were interested in pursuing as the president's wife?

Segment Synopsis: She talks about some of the projects she worked on as the president's wife, such as getting recognition for excellent student work in the local newspaper. She talks about the local newspapers, some of the reporters she knew, and what she felt was a bias against public education in the papers.

Keywords: Atlanta Constitution;Barry Bingham;Mark Ethridge;New York Times;newspapers;public education;students

Subjects: Courier-journal (Louisville, Ky.);Pearce, John Ed.;Transylvania University.;University of Kentucky.

65:29 - Social obligations and making time for family

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Partial Transcript:What about, uh, the social obligations as, uh, president... president's wife?

Segment Synopsis: Dickey talks about social events and how she and her husband had to pay out of pocket for many of them. She also talks about the other things that they had to provide for Maxwell Place. She also talks about her family members and the difficulty of coordinating her and her husband's schedules due to the academic and horse-related schedules being different.

Keywords: dinners;entertaining;football;furniture;horses;income taxes;Ira Drymon;Latin;luncheons;Maxwell Place;racing;silverware;social events;university presidents

Subjects: Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;University of Kentucky.

69:14 - Criticism of the Dickey administration and the Maxwell Place staff

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Partial Transcript:So, I guess you've answered this question, in terms of the criticism of the Dickey administration...

Segment Synopsis: She talks about some of the criticism that her husband's administration received. She also talks about the garden that used to be behind Maxwell Place and a conversation that she had with Walter, a longtime staff member at Maxwell.

Keywords: butlers;diabetes;Frank Dickey, Jr.;gardens;governors;Maxwell Place;medical problems;Mrs. Donovan;politics;professors;staff;state government;university administration;Walter Penicks (??)

Subjects: Dickey, Frank Graves.;Frankfort (Ky.).;Indonesia.;University of Kentucky.

73:49 - Governors and politics

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Partial Transcript:We sort of touched on this, in terms of how much attention you paid to Governor Chandler and Governor Combs.

Segment Synopsis: She talks about the political games and decisions following Dickey's appointment to president of UK. She describes how the atmosphere changed during the Combs administration.

Keywords: Ann Dickey;Buffalo Tavern;coverups;Lexington Country Club;political appointments;political climate;Republicans;university presidents;women employees

Subjects: Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991.;Combs, Bert T., 1911-1991.;Dickey, Frank Graves.;Governors--Kentucky.;University of Kentucky.

78:00 - Maintenance staff and Mrs. Dickey's influence

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Partial Transcript:There's another little, um, thing I'd like to say... pay tribute to the maintenance department at the University of Kentucky.

Segment Synopsis: The second side of the tape picks up with Dickey reminiscing about the excellence of the maintenance staff. They also discuss her influence on her husband, Maxwell Place and UK in general. Dickey talks about the female professors at UK and how hard it was for them to be in a male-dominated profession.

Keywords: Christmas parties;female professors;influence;maintenance;Maxwell Place;serving food;sexism

Subjects: Dickey, Frank Graves.;Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;University of Kentucky.;University of Kentucky. College of Education.

81:36 - Leaving UK and family

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Partial Transcript:So, at the time you all started talking about leaving... it really wasn't a good time, as far as family was concerned.

Segment Synopsis: Dickey talks about she and her family leaving the University of Kentucky. It was an inconvenient time for her family, especially her daughter, who was still in high school. They talk about some of the circumstances surrounding that time and her feelings on leaving UK.

Keywords: allergies;Ann Dickey;John F. Kennedy;leaving UK;new employment;preparing for retirement

Subjects: Atlanta (Ga.).;Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991.;University of Kentucky.;Washington (D.C.).

85:53 - UK's plans for Maxwell Place and the Oswalds

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Partial Transcript:I've seen a letter, uh... you and Ann Wilson used to write back and forth...

Segment Synopsis: They talk about some of the proposals for Maxwell Place after the Dickeys left, such as making it an annex to the library. Dickey describes her reaction to this. She also talks about being back on campus for the cornerstone of Dickey Hall, and how she felt that the Oswalds were somewhat unfriendly towards her and her husband. They talk about the Oswald administration and cultural differences between the South and other parts of the US.

Keywords: culture;Dickey Hall;illness;insecurity;Maxwell Place;Rosanel Oswald;unfriendliness

Subjects: Davis (Calif.).;Harvard University.;Mason-Dixon Line.;Mississippi River.;Oswald, John W. (John Wieland), 1917-1995.;University of Kentucky.

91:22 - The Kirwans, Singletarys and Roselles

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Partial Transcript:Did you know the Kirwans very, I guess you knew the Kirwans very well.

Segment Synopsis: They discuss the Kirwans, and Dr. Kirwan's administration. They also discuss the Singletarys and their impact on the university. She also talks about breaking the ground for UK's medical center and her impression of the (then) current Roselle administration.

Keywords: bridge;Elizabeth Kirwan;Gloria Singletary;knitting;Living Arts and Science Center (Lexington, Ky.);Louise Roselle;Maxwell Place;medical centers;Terry Mobley;university presidents

Subjects: Dickey, Frank Graves.;Kirwan, Albert Dennis.;McVey, Frank LeRond, 1869-1953.;Roselle, David P.;University of Kentucky.Singletary, Otis A.

96:56 - Reflections and Conclusion

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Partial Transcript:Of course, at such an early age for you, you were, put into a very select group.

Segment Synopsis: Dickey remembers some of her experiences as wife of the university president, especially a pleasant occasion singing and playing the piano with Happy Chandler and his wife. She talks about Happy Chandler and his relationship with the university. She sums up her husband's administration and her involvement. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: administration;Mildred Chandler;music;political correctness;politics;racial slurs;racism;university presidents

Subjects: Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991.;Graves, Frank Graves.;University of Kentucky.

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