0:00 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript:Dr. Dickey, as I mentioned in my letter and then when we talked the other day on the phone...

Segment Synopsis: Frank Dickey is a former president of the University of Kentucky. The interviewer gives some background information on his contact with Dickey before the interview and other people who have interviewed him.

Keywords: career choices;Fayette County Medical Society;influence of teachers;medical centers;military service;Rick Smoot;teaching profession

Subjects: Cone, Carl B.;University of Kentucky.

1:23 - Biographical information and interest in education

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Partial Transcript:Um, I wanna go back, uh, just for a moment at the beginning, here, to talk a little bit about your biographical information...

Segment Synopsis: The interviewer briefly goes over Dickey's biographical information and they talk about what influenced Dickey in choosing to go into education. Teaching was somewhat of a tradition in his family. He talks about his father, who was a professor at Bowling Green Business University. His mother was also a teacher. He tells of two English teachers who influenced him in wanting to become a teacher, as well as a professor whom he had at Transylvania University.

Keywords: administration;Anna Dell Schoonmaker;Ernestine Ligon;Henry Clay High School (Lexington, Ky.);Joseph Stone Dickey, Sr.;professors;teachers;teaching;Walter Greenwood

Subjects: Bowling Green Business University.;Education.;Oklahoma.;Transylvania University.;University of Kentucky.;Western Kentucky University.

5:02 - The military and administration

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Partial Transcript:I, at that point had no, uh, uh... notion at all that I would ever move into administrative work...

Segment Synopsis: Dickey tells how he didn't originally plan to do administrative work, but he was given those duties when he was in the military and found that he enjoyed it. He talks about his work in the military and how he ended up being promoted to battalion sergeant major, then master sergeant. He also briefly talks about the influence of Dean Taylor on his interest in administration.

Keywords: administration;AWOL;basic training;battalion headquarters;court martialing;English literature;military;military service;World War II

Subjects: Aleutian Islands (Alaska).;Camp Blanding (Fla.).;Indiana University.;Stanford University.;Taylor, William Septimus, 1885-1949.;United States. Army. Women's Army Corps.

8:21 - Education of Dickey's family

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Partial Transcript:Going back for just a moment, uh, where were your father and mother educated?

Segment Synopsis: Dickey's parents were both well educated. He tells where both of them were educated and talks about his grandparents, especially his grandfather, who was president of Bowling Green Business University.

Keywords: attorneys;Hamilton College (Lexington, Ky.);law schools;Millersburg Female Institute

Subjects: Bowling Green Business University.;Education.;Kentucky.;Lebanon (Ohio : Township).;Transylvania University.;University of Kentucky.

10:17 - Dickey's successes and promotions

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Partial Transcript:Now, I know that, uh, uh, you won awards as a student, and, uh, you were obviously a very good student...

Segment Synopsis: They talk about Dickey's general success as a student, which Dickey attributes both to luck and good preparation. He discusses his rapid promotions, both in the military and education. He states that it was much easier at that time to be promoted because there were not as many people to compete with.

Keywords: advancement;educational background;military;military service;preparation;professors;school

Subjects: Education.

12:19 - A change from public teaching to administration

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Partial Transcript:You were of course a, um, a teacher in the public schools in Lexington. And then, I was wondering, is there a...

Segment Synopsis: He tells of how he decided to work towards a doctorate with the goal of becoming an administrator. This happened when he returned from military service.

Keywords: administration;military service;public schools;teaching

Subjects: Education.

14:18 - Dr. Herman Donovan

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Partial Transcript:Wanna move into some personalities at the university at this point, and I think in our last interview you really gave a clear picture...

Segment Synopsis: He describes Dr. Donovan's personality, background and the things that were important to him. Dean Taylor is also mentioned briefly.

Keywords: administrators;budgets;deans;education funding;elementary education;professors;public school teachers;university presidents

Subjects: Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;Kentucky.;Taylor, William Septimus, 1885-1949.;University of Kentucky.;University of Kentucky. College of Education.

19:22 - Mrs. Donovan and entertaining

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Partial Transcript:What about Mrs. Donovan? Did you have a chance to know her well?

Segment Synopsis: He talks about Mrs. Donovan, her devotion to the university and the small entertaining budget that both she and Mrs. Dickey had to work with during their husbands' administrations. He mentions Mrs. Donovan's illnesses during her husband's administration and how Maxwell Place was not an ideal place for a sick person to live due to its layout.

Keywords: budget;dinners;Elizabeth Dickey;entertaining;farm and home week;finances;luncheons;Maxwell Place;outreach;receptions

Subjects: Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;Kentucky.;University of Kentucky.

22:42 - Dr. Donovan's administration and faculty involvement

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Partial Transcript:Sounds from the way you've described Dr. Donovan that his personality and his characteristics as an administrator...

Segment Synopsis: He describes Dr. Donovan's administrative style and how his own style differed from it. Donovan tended to make decisions on an individual basis and did not always include faculty members. He talks about some of the general history of faculty involvement in American higher education.

Keywords: administration;administration styles;advisors;committees;deans;faculty

Subjects: Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;University of Kentucky.

26:12 - Faculty distrust, Dr. Donovan and Dr. McVey

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Partial Transcript:One... speaking of his relationship with the faculty, it seems... I don't wanna overstate this, but there seems like...

Segment Synopsis: They talk about how many of the faculty members tended to distrust Dr. Donovan during his administration. Dickey states that this was partly because of the different factions within the faculty, some of whom supported former president McVey rather than Donovan. There were still many McVey supporters even in Dickey's administration. He talks about McVey's influence on the university.

Keywords: academia;administration;divisiveness;factions;faculty;faculty senate;retirement;teacher education programs;university size

Subjects: Depressions--1929.;Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;McVey, Frank LeRond, 1869-1953.;University of Kentucky.

32:14 - Higher education and politics

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Partial Transcript:I think I, I think I may have already told you this, so you'll have to edit some of this...

Segment Synopsis: He talks about his disillusionment with higher education in some ways because there is so much political infighting. He describes how administration is meant to deal with this and talks about how the tension between faculty and administration can lead to progress. He talks about his surprise that younger faculty members are often too concerned about getting tenure to want to change things much.

Keywords: administration;administrators;change;faculty members;politics;progress;student achievement;students;tenure;universities;university politics;university presidents

Subjects: Roselle, David P.;University of Kentucky.

38:02 - The Chandler Medical Center

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Partial Transcript:There was another thing that, uh, brought about, uh, change, uh, obviously we talked about this earlier...

Segment Synopsis: He talks about the creation of UK's medical center and how that necessitated change on campus.

Keywords: faculty;medical centers;progress;research institutions

Subjects: University of Kentucky.

39:34 - Dr. Donovan compared to Harry Truman

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Partial Transcript:One journalist, uh, has described Dr. Donovan as, uh, compared him to Harry Truman. What do you think of that comparison?

Segment Synopsis: They continue to discuss Dr. Donovan, his similarities to Harry Truman and the more conservative nature of his administration. He talks about the possible opportunities that may have been missed due to this, but also describes things that were changed due to his administration.

Keywords: administrations;foreign contract work

Subjects: Depressions--1929.;Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;Indonesia.;Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972.;University of Kentucky.;World War, 1939-1945.

43:09 - The interim period before Dickey's presidency

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Partial Transcript:Course, while you were talking about that, I think that was an excellent example when, uh... one thing that can...

Segment Synopsis: He talks about his feelings upon becoming university president. Dr. Donovan helped him get ready for his new job. He talks about what he did during the interim period after he was named as the next president but before Dr. Donovan left UK.

Keywords: conservatism;Dr. Chamberlain;Dr. Peterson;Dr. Willard;funds;selection processes;transition periods;universities;university presidents

Subjects: Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;University of Kentucky.

46:42 - Factions within the university and cattle breeders

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Partial Transcript:That's, that's true, although I must admit that the, um, scope of the operations of the university were so much broader...

Segment Synopsis: Dickey talks about some of the different factions within the university culture that he was unaware of before his presidency. They talk briefly about cattle breeders, and Adolph Rupp in particular.

Keywords: agriculture;cattle;cattle raising;Cooperstown;dentists;doctors;teachers

Subjects: Rupp, Adolph, 1901-1977.;University of Kentucky.

48:57 - Early program development and planning

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Partial Transcript:How did you go about, uh, you mentioned working with Dr. Donovan... having the opportunity to prepare yourself...

Segment Synopsis: He describes some of the early priorities of his administration, such as those supporting and integrating the medical center into the rest of the university. He also talks about trying to increase admission standards for students, improve the library system and increase support for the university as a whole.

Keywords: administration;admission standards;Committee of Fifteen;committees;faculty;libraries;medical centers

Subjects: Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;Oswald, John W. (John Wieland), 1917-1995.;University of Kentucky.

52:06 - University centers and the community college system

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Partial Transcript:Oh, there was one other, uh... part of the program planning that took place during that first year...

Segment Synopsis: He talks about the development of a system of "centers" for the university (later Kentucky's community college system). Dickey states that the system actually started as far back as the 1940's, under Dr. Donovan's administration. They go into more detail about the creation of the community colleges and their locations.

Keywords: Ashland Community and Technical College (Ashland, Ky.);community college history;community colleges;donations;Hazard Community and Technical College (Hazard, Ky.);Henderson Community College (Henderson, Ky.);politics;Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College (Cumberland, Ky.)

Subjects: Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;Harlan County (Ky.).;Kentucky.;Somerset Community College.;University of Kentucky.;West Kentucky Community & Technical College.

58:05 - Asking for advice

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Partial Transcript:You've mentioned, uh, the fact that Dr. Donovan was available for consultation... uh, and we'll be talking about your vice presidents...

Segment Synopsis: Dickey talks about the people whom he turned to for advice.

Keywords: Elizabeth Dickey;Frank Peterson;medical center;vice presidents

Subjects: Albright, A. D. (Arnold De Wald).;Chamberlain, Leo M.;Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;University of Kentucky.

60:20 - Leo Chamberlain

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Partial Transcript:Let's talk for a moment... I know that, uh, in the interview with Rick you talked about Dr. Willard...

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Willard is briefly mentioned and Dickey talks about Dr. Chamberlain, whom he characterizes as being a true conservative. Chamberlain was one of his vice presidents and a holdover from Dr. Donovan's administration.

Keywords: faculty;medical centers;university medical centers;university presidents;university vice presidents

Subjects: Chamberlain, Leo M.;Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;University of Kentucky.;Willard, William R., 1908-.

64:15 - Frank D. Peterson

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Partial Transcript:In our last interview we, we talked about Frank Peterson in some detail, about, uh, the credit you give him...

Segment Synopsis: He talks about Frank Peterson and some of the charges that were leveled against him. He also talks about some of the land that was purchased by the university through the property acquisition program that he (Peterson) started.

Keywords: conflicts of interest;contracts;Dixie Court;donations;finance;Frank Peterson;politics;property acquisitions;Rose St. (Lexington, Ky.);university funding;vending machines

Subjects: University of Kentucky.

67:14 - University vice presidents and A.D. Albright

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Partial Transcript:Did your vice presidents get along with one another? They, apparently, you felt that they were all helpful to you...

Segment Synopsis: He talks about the relationship between the different vice presidents and the fear that the business officer would become too powerful in comparison to the rest. They talk about A.D. Albright, who came into the administration after Chamberlain retired. Dr. Albright had a very different outlook than Chamberlain and tended to be more progressive.

Keywords: administration;administrators;business officers;faculty;Frank Peterson;politics;university presidents;university vice presidents

Subjects: Albright, A. D. (Arnold De Wald).;Chamberlain, Leo M.;Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;University of Kentucky.

71:35 - Herman Spivey

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Partial Transcript:What about the role of, uh, Herman Spivey in, in your administration?

Segment Synopsis: He talks about Herman Spivey, another colleague that he had a lot of respect for. Spivey eventually left UK to accept a position at the University of Tennessee. He discusses Spivey's career at UT and his relationship with its president at that time, Andrew Holt.

Keywords: budgets;committees;dean of men;English literature;faculty retention;graduate deans;graduate school administration;Herman Spivey;interviews;university vice presidents

Subjects: Holt, Andrew D. (Andrew David), 1904-.;University of Kentucky.;University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

75:25 - Finding a replacement for Dr. Spivey: Dr. Kirwan

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Partial Transcript:Obviously, it seemed to me in looking back at the, at the, uh, events of that time that, uh, Dr. Spivey was well respected...

Segment Synopsis: Dickey talks about the process of finding a replacement for Dr. Spivey after he left for the University of Tennessee. Eventually Dr. Kirwan was settled on. He tells why Kirwan was chosen over several other candidates. He discusses Dr. Kirwan's personality and ability as a mediator, as well as the great respect that he garnered as interim president at UK. Kirwan is compared to John Sherman Cooper.

Keywords: administration;athletics;Blanton Collier;budgets;dean of men;faculty committees;football coaches;graduate school administration;Herman Spivey;job candidates;mediation;politics;research;teaching

Subjects: Cooper, John Sherman, 1901-1991.;Kirwan, Albert Dennis.;Oswald, John W. (John Wieland), 1917-1995.;University of Kentucky.

83:21 - Earle Clements and UK

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Partial Transcript:If you... why don't we talk, just for a few minutes, and this'll come up again, about some of the, uh, politics...

Segment Synopsis: Dickey gives his opinions on Earle Clements, especially relating to his interactions with UK. He mentions that he had met Clements as a teenager and describes their relationship as being cordial. Unfortunately for the university, Clements and Dr. Donovan were often at odds.

Keywords: administration;budgets;governors;politics;senators;Tobacco Institute

Subjects: Bourbon County (Ky.).;Clements, Earle C. (Earle Chester), 1896-1985.;Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;Kentucky.;University of Kentucky.;University of Kentucky. College of Education.

87:33 - Clash between Earle Clements and Dr. Donovan

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Partial Transcript:What was the problem there? What would you...

Segment Synopsis: They continue to talk about the conflict between Clements and Donovan, which Dickey considers to have been caused partly by their clash in personalities. The commissioners that Clements appointed also were not always favorable towards the university. He also mentions Donovan's close relationship with Keen Johnson, who served with Chandler, and how that may have soured his relationship with Clements.

Keywords: bonds;budgets;commissioners;dormitories;house speakers;Keeping the University Free and Growing (book);personalities;politicians;politics;state administration;students

Subjects: Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991.;Clements, Earle C. (Earle Chester), 1896-1985.;Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;Doran, Adron.;Johnson, Keen, 1896-1970.;Kentucky.;University of Kentucky.

91:46 - Laurence Wetherby and UK

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Partial Transcript:Then of course, next came, uh, Laurence Wetherby, a much different type of person...

Segment Synopsis: He talks about Governor Wetherby and his involvement with UK and Dr. Donovan. Dr. Donovan got along with him much better than he did with Clements, though he accused Wetherby of only being interested in UK's athletics. Dickey characterizes Wetherby as being a friend of the university and gives his opinion on him in general.

Keywords: athletics;budgets;chairman of the board;governors;politics

Subjects: Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;Kentucky.;University of Kentucky.;Wetherby, Lawrence W. (Lawrence Winchester), 1908-.

94:35 - Politics, Dickey and UK

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Partial Transcript:How did you approach politics at this point, uh, let's use for an example the, uh, '55 primary campaign...

Segment Synopsis: Dickey talks about his experience with the politics of being university president. He disliked politics and cites it as one of the reasons he did not want to stay as UK's president.

Keywords: politicians;politics;university presidents

Subjects: Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991.;Combs, Bert T., 1911-1991.;University of Kentucky.

96:35 - Happy Chandler and UK

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Partial Transcript:'Course, you would get to know Chandler... you knew Chandler as you mentioned to me before from...

Segment Synopsis: He talks about Happy Chandler's personality, especially as a politician. Chandler was not generally interested in details as much as he was in the "big picture".

Keywords: administration;governors;medical center;military service;policies;politicians;politics;students

Subjects: Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991.;Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973.;University of Kentucky.

100:46 - Politicians in general, UK and Happy Chandler

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Partial Transcript:Talking in general about these politicians and maybe in general about Chandler's... specifically...

Segment Synopsis: He talks about politicians and their understanding of the value of education and of the university. He feels that they had a general idea of the importance of education, but didn't understand the internal aspects of it. They discuss Happy Chandler's contribution to the university.

Keywords: administration;economics;faculty;medical centers;politicians;politics;students;university politics

Subjects: Breathitt, Edward T., 1924-.;Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991.;Combs, Bert T., 1911-1991.;Education.;Kentucky.;University of Kentucky.

104:44 - Happy Chandler's problems with UK

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Partial Transcript:'Course, I don't know, um... what, um... how one might interpret what he did to it, uh...

Segment Synopsis: He talks about some of the more negative aspects of Chandler's relationship with the university and compares him with other governors.

Keywords: budgets;Cold Stream Farm (Lexington, Ky.);free speech;freedom of the press;Kentucky Kernel;medical centers;student movements;student newspapers;students;university budgets

Subjects: Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991.;Oswald, John W. (John Wieland), 1917-1995.;Singletary, Otis A.;Spindletop Farm (Ky.).;University of Kentucky.

107:42 - Bert Combs and UK

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Partial Transcript:Course, in, uh, 1959, uh, during your administration, a different type of politician, um, became governor...

Segment Synopsis: He talks about Bert Combs and his impact on UK. Combs was financially supportive of the university, and Dickey considers his governorship to be "good times" economically for UK.

Keywords: budgets;economy;Frank Peterson;governors;medical centers;sales tax

Subjects: Combs, Bert T., 1911-1991.;Kentucky.;University of Kentucky.

109:03 - Spindletop Research Center

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Partial Transcript:I think the only... only point other than, uh, the Peterson incident that might have caused any sort of rift...

Segment Synopsis: He talks about the Spindletop Research Center, which was founded by UK in the hopes of emulating the Stanford Research Institute.There were a lot of politics involved in Spindletop, and it ended up being an unpleasant clash between the university and the state over the choice of directors. UK withdrew support from the institute on Dickey's recommendation, and it eventually failed entirely.

Keywords: architectural judges;board of trustees;budgets;Courier Journal (Louisville, Ky.);grants;institute directors;Jesse Hobson;Louie B. Nunn;panels;research

Subjects: Combs, Bert T., 1911-1991.;Frankfort (Ky.).;Graham, Beardsley, 1914-2002.;Kentucky.;Litkenhous, E. E. (Edward Earl), 1907-1984.;Research Triangle Park (N.C.).;Spindletop Farm (Ky.).;Stanford Research Institute.;University of Kentucky.;Vanderbilt University.;Wyatt, Wilson W. (Wilson Watkins), 1905-1996.

117:51 - Bert Combs and the Peterson case

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Partial Transcript:Combs, in his... when he would run for governor in '55 and '59, uh, came across as a person who was not going to interfere...

Segment Synopsis: He talks about Governor Combs and his relation to the Peterson case. Dickey feels that Clifford Smith was more involved in that case than Combs was. He compares Combs' involvement with the university with Chandler's. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: Clifford Smith;economic development;Frank Peterson;interference;politicians;politics;Spindletop Research Center

Subjects: Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991.;Combs, Bert T., 1911-1991.;Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;University of Kentucky.;Wyatt, Wilson W. (Wilson Watkins), 1905-1996.

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