0:04 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript:I'm Colonel Arthur L. Kelly. I'm in Louisville, Kentucky. I'm in the home of Field Reed, known by his friends as Jack Reed.

Segment Synopsis: Colonel Arthur Kelly introduces interviewee, Field Reed. Reed served with Company D, 192nd Tank Battalion and was later transferred to Headquarters Company.

Keywords: 192nd Tank Battalion;Company D;Headquarters Company;Louisville (KY.)

Subjects: Louisville (Ky.).

1:25 - Clark Field

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Partial Transcript:Jack, Let's start at Clark Field. What were you doing there?

Segment Synopsis: Jack recalls arriving at Clark Field, the first bomb hitting the field, and what his reactions and thoughts were as Clark Field was being attacked.

Keywords: bomb attacks;Clark Field (Philippines);Japanese Soldiers

Subjects: Clark Field (Philippines).;Philippines.

18:01 - Feelings toward the Japanese

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Partial Transcript:When you looked at the Japanese pilot, did you have remorse and compassion towards him, or were you glad and kind of felt like he got what..

Segment Synopsis: Jack Reed discusses his feelings towards the Japanese. He had a growing animosity towards them, but yet had a better understanding of the Japanese soldiers. He also recalls a speech made by General Yamashito, telling the prisoners at Cabanatuan how much he hated Western societies and that they planned to conquer them.

Keywords: Cabanatuan (Philippines);Japan;Japanese Soldiers;Racism

Subjects: Japan.

26:04 - Replay of Clark Field

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Partial Transcript:Let me take you back to Clark Field now.

Segment Synopsis: Jack Reed gives a play by play of what he was feeling and thinking as Clark Field was being attacked.

Keywords: bomb attack;Bomb explosions;Clark Field(Philippines)

Subjects: Clark Field (Philippines).;Philippines.

40:03 - Move from Clark Field

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Partial Transcript:The unit moves on up to Lingayen Gulf, the landing occurs at Lingayen Gulf, and the Japanese start attacking..

Segment Synopsis: Jack Reed recalls moving from Clark Field to an area near Rosario, and the Japanese wiping out platoons, cavalries and resupplying units.

Keywords: Lingayen Gulf;Rosario(Philippines)

Subjects: Clark Field (Philippines).;Japan.;Philippines.

52:07 - Resupplying units

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Partial Transcript:I believe we were, I believe at that time, it seems to me, that we were at Carmen.

Segment Synopsis: He talks about resupplying different units and moving to and from Clark Field. He supplied A, B, and C Company at different points. He describes what it was like to keep the Companies refueled as they were fighting.

Keywords: Agno River(Philippines);Carmen(Philippines);Clark Field;Rosario(Philippines)

Subjects: Philippines.

64:31 - Unusual incidents

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Partial Transcript:Can you remember some of the tales that you got from some of the troops, and from a trooper in particular?

Segment Synopsis: He talks about tanks getting lost and other unusual incidents. He also talks about the drinking that took place.

Keywords: Alcoholism;Philippines

Subjects: Alcoholism.;Tanks (Military science).

76:49 - Chaos at Calumpit

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Partial Transcript:We got back here, at Calumpit, and there was chaos there because everybody was trying to get across that bridge.

Segment Synopsis: He talks about the chaos at Calumpit as people were trying to get across the bridge because it was going to be blown up. They continue to discuss the D Company losing their tanks.

Keywords: 192nd Tank Battalion;Calumpit Bridge;Company D;Tanks

Subjects: Philippines;Tanks (Military science).

91:31 - Before surrender

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Partial Transcript:Where did this occur, this one Japanese trying to get on your truck? Do you remember?

Segment Synopsis: He talks about traveling over the mountain into Bataan, the delay of action and surviving a food shortage.

Keywords: Bataan(Philippines);Food Rations

Subjects: Bataan (Philippines : Province).;Philippines.

103:23 - Wounds From beatings

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Partial Transcript:You went back a second time and got it that he had been on the submarine, and they claimed...

Segment Synopsis: He talks about disability and his current health conditions. He also describes one of the worst beatings and being sent to Billibid Prison. He continues to talks about the food shortage.

Keywords: Abuse;Billibid Prison(Philippines);Disability;Health;Prisoners of War (POW);War injuries

Subjects: Philippines.

121:33 - Getting captured

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Partial Transcript:Let's get captured. Go through that.

Segment Synopsis: He recalls getting captured by the Japanese and the surrender.

Keywords: Cabanatuan(Philippines);Prisoners of War (POW)

Subjects: Philippines.

132:27 - Life at Camp Cabantuan

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Partial Transcript:When you came to Cabanatuan, before the rangers came to rescue you, how long was it before they came to rescue you?

Segment Synopsis: Jack Reed discusses how long he was at the camp before being liberated by American Rangers. He talks about the experiences and those who died at Camp Cabanatuan. He also tells a story about 50 or 60 people who were decapitated for trying to help the prisoners.

Keywords: American Rangers;Camp Cabanatuan(Philippines);Liberation;Prisoners of War (POW)

Subjects: Philippines.;Prisoners of war.

144:59 - Deaths at Cabanatuan

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Partial Transcript:I'm not sure if I told you this or not..

Segment Synopsis: He talks about how the Filipino people tried to help the prisoners by giving them food, but later ended up being decapitated by the Japanese. He also describes being liberated from the camp and he continues to talk about the other soldiers who died at Camp Cabanatuan.

Keywords: Bayonets;Camp Cabanatuan(Philippines);Filipino People;Friendliness of communities

Subjects: Filipinos.;Japan.;Philippines.

154:51 - Fighting the Japanese

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Partial Transcript:Periodically , I think submarines might have come into Corregidor and the Japanese had gotten used to that 3 inch AA out there at..

Segment Synopsis: He talks about the Japanese dropping bombs over Corregidor and Bataan. He also discusses how they made it through without ammunition and food, the last two weeks before the surrender and the brutality of the Japanese.

Keywords: Bataan(Philippines);bomb attacks;Corregidor(Philippines);food shortages;Fort Hughes;surrender

Subjects: Japan.;Philippines.

163:38 - Surrender at Mariveles

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Partial Transcript:We had gotten bombed and strafed after our officers had told us that we had been surrendered.

Segment Synopsis: He recalls the surrender at Mariveles, being sent on the highway and his morale after surrendering. He also gives his thoughts and feelings about what kept him going during the march.

Keywords: Bataan Death March;Mariveles(Philippines);Prisoners of War (POW);surrender

Subjects: Capitulations, Military.;Philippines.;Prisoners of War.

178:29 - Death March to San Fernando

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Partial Transcript:I'm Col. Arthur L. Kelly. We're talking to Jack Reed. Louisville, Ky. about his prisoner of war experiences during the Bataan Death March..

Segment Synopsis: He talks about the Bataan Death March and his thoughts as he was marching to San Fernando.

Keywords: Bataan Death March;Prison camps;Prisoners of War (POW);San Fernando(Philippines)

Subjects: Bataan (Philippines : Province).;Bataan Death March, Philippines, 1942.;Philippines.;Prisoners of War.

195:49 - Child bayoneted

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Partial Transcript:I saw kids bayoneted right out of their mother's arms and everything.

Segment Synopsis: Jack Reed gives a specific instance when he saw a child bayoneted out of its mother's arms by the Japanese. He talks about how he made made it through the Death March by staying alert.

Keywords: Bayonets;Cabcabin Field(Philippines);Child Abuse;Corregidor

Subjects: Bataan Death March, Philippines, 1942.;Filipinos.;Japan.;Philippines.;War crimes.

208:19 - Japanese brutality

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Partial Transcript:I think one of the most memorable things, and one of the things maybe I have thought about, maybe more than anything...

Segment Synopsis: He talks about one of the most memorable moments on the Death March of two men being buried alive. He continues to talk about Japanese brutality for falling out of rank.

Keywords: Bataan Death March;Prisoners of War (POW)

Subjects: Bataan Death March, Philippines, 1942.;Philippines.;Prisoners of war.

219:39 - Fellow Kentucky soliders

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Partial Transcript:Now, are you running into anybody from D company along the road?

Segment Synopsis: He recalls meeting up with some of his fellow Kentucky soldiers during the Death March, being wounded and his military awards. He reflects on his overall war experience and summarizes his entire Death March journey.

Keywords: 192nd Tank Battalion;Bataan Death March;Company D

Subjects: Bataan Death March, Philippines, 1942.;Philippines.;Prisoners of war.

238:42 - Rescue efforts

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Partial Transcript:...the Japanese right before the surrender, a group of guards abandoned the camp, Gentry told me. Do you recall that?

Segment Synopsis: He tells a story of twin brothers who died for one another and about the American rescue efforts to liberate the camp.

Keywords: American Rangers;Family Members--Siblings;Liberation;Prisoners of War (POW)

Subjects: Bataan Death March, Philippines, 1942.;Philippines.;Prisoners of war.

258:16 - Liberation

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Partial Transcript:When you saw them wipe out those eight prisoners, did you think about any of that?

Segment Synopsis: He continues to talks about the Rangers' raid and being liberated and his thoughts and feelings as he was marching out of the camp. He also describes the difference between being a prisoner and a free man.

Keywords: American Rangers;Liberation;Prison camps

Subjects: Philippines.;Prisoners of war.

276:31 - Effects of the Death March

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Partial Transcript:A little bit more on your release, now.

Segment Synopsis: He describes the events leading up to his homecoming in Harrodsburg. He talks more about his morale after being wounded in the war and how it would affect his finding employment.

Keywords: Bataan Death March;Harrodsburg(KY.);Homecoming;Liberation

Subjects: War wounds.

285:38 - Homecoming

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Partial Transcript:When you hit Harrodsburg, what was that like?

Segment Synopsis: He recalls his journey home, getting medical and dental work done before making it home in Harrodsburg. He also gives his family history. Interview is concluded.

Keywords: Children;Family History;Family Members--Parents;Harrodsburg(KY.);Healthcare;Louisville(KY.);WWII

Subjects: Harrodsburg (Ky.).

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