0:02 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: I'm in Frankfort, KY. It's July the 31st. I'm with William Gentry, a survivor of the Bataan Death March.

Segment Synopsis: Col. Arthur Kelly introduces William H. Gentry, a World War II veteran. He served with Company D, 192nd Tank Battalion in the Philippines.

Keywords: 192nd Tank Battalion; Bataan Death March; Company C; Company D; Frankfort(KY.); Lingayen Gulf

Subjects: Frankfort (Ky.). Philippines.

0:38 - Filipino troops

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Partial Transcript: Ok, C Company started out at Rosario.

Segment Synopsis: He talks about meeting up with Company C before the Death March and the Filipino troops engaging the Japanese. This was before Gentry was taken as a prisoner by the Japanese in San José.

Keywords: Bataan Death March; Company C; Pozorrubio(Philippines); Rosario(Philippines); San José(Philippines)

Subjects: Filipinos. Philippines.

13:02 - Spying in Bongabon

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Partial Transcript: Anything unsual happen going south from San José, then?

Segment Synopsis: He describes action in Bongabon. He spied on the Japanese to see how they attacked their enemies and relayed the information.

Keywords: Bongabon(Philippines); Japanese Imperial Army

Subjects: Japan. Rikugun. Philippines.

26:20 - Capture at Cabanatuan

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Partial Transcript: OK, now we moved back and we came to the town of Cabanatuan. You see part of the Japanese advance had come down this road...

Segment Synopsis: He describes the attacks and the artillery the Japanese used. He also discusses the 10,000 mile stare, a condition where soldiers are unable to focus on the current war situations at the time.

Keywords: artillery; Cabanatuan(Philippines); Prisoners of War (POW)

Subjects: Japan. Rikugun. Philippines.

43:47 - Flood duty

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Partial Transcript: We just took a break for lunch, and you were telling me some stories about...

Segment Synopsis: He gives an account of a flood in Frankfort in 1937, while he was a part of the National Guard.

Keywords: Frankfort (KY.); Harrodsburg National Guard; Kentucky State University

Subjects: Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991. Frankfort (Ky.). United States. National Guard Bureau.

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