0:00 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript:The following is an unrehearsed interview with Sarah B. Holmes, former dean of women at the University of Kentucky.

Segment Synopsis: Sarah B. Holmes is the former dean of women at the University of Kentucky. She gives some background information about herself and her husband.

Keywords: Bodoin College;Columbia University;Dean of Women;East Augsburg State Teacher's College;health department at UK;Maine;New Jersey;revolution in Mexico;teaching

Subjects: Education.

1:43 - Experiences in Mexico during the revolution

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Partial Transcript:When we left, um, we were in, um, Maine at the time... let's go back a minute.

Segment Synopsis: Holmes talks about her marriage in 1910 and her and her husband going to Mexico City to start a health program for the city government and national YMCA. There was a revolution during the time they were there.

Keywords: bandits;Diaz;horses;Mexico;Mexico City;revolutions;Spain;trains


3:51 - Frank McVey and the University of Kentucky's health department

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Partial Transcript:My husband came back to take his medical degree at Bowdoin University at the same time he taught there.

Segment Synopsis: Holmes tells how she and her husband met Dr. McVey, and how her husband came to UK to help establish the health department for their students.

Keywords: Bowdoin College;county health departments;Dr. Lipscomb;federal subsidies;health services;nurses;Ohio Wesleyan

Subjects: McVey, Frank LeRond, 1869-1953.;University of Kentucky.

5:55 - The death of Holmes' husband and working at UK

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Partial Transcript:Well, um, he died in, uh, 19- January the 4th, 1924, and uh, of course, at that time I had been married thirteen years...

Segment Synopsis: She tells how her husband's death meant that she needed to support herself and her four children. She entered UK as a student and was also the dean of Sehres (??) school. She talks about her work at the university and rival offers she received from UK and Morehead to become dean of women.

Keywords: assistant dean of women;doctors;Maxwell Place;Morehead State University;residence halls;Sarah Blanding;schooling;Sehres (??) School;students;teachers;teaching standards

Subjects: Education.;McVey, Frank LeRond, 1869-1953.;University of Kentucky.

9:24 - Dean of Women

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Partial Transcript:So, I accepted Dean Blanding's invitation to become the assistant dean of women...

Segment Synopsis: She talks about becoming assistant dean of women, her duties, and Dean Sarah Blanding, who eventually left to go to Cornell. She tells how she was made dean of women. (poor audio quality)

Keywords: Cornell;Dean of Women;Dr. Hazelton;employment;female students;housing;Sarah Blanding;smoking;stock market crash;students;tea

Subjects: Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;McVey, Frank LeRond, 1869-1953.;University of Kentucky.

15:32 - The Great Depression

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Partial Transcript:The time just before and even the early years of the Depression... the university was still expanding.

Segment Synopsis: They talk about the Great Depression, and how it affected the university. Despite, or maybe because of the Depression, student enrollment increased during that time. She describes ways that the university tried to make things affordable for the students. (poor audio quality)

Keywords: cooperative houses;expansions;Hamilton House;libraries;McVey Hall;Memorial Hall;Miss Burnham;pay during the Depression;physical plant;salaries;salary cuts;student housing;Taylor Education Building;women's clubs

Subjects: 4-H clubs.;Depressions--1929.;University of Kentucky.

19:03 - Cooperative houses

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Partial Transcript:Now, the... where was the first one of those...do you recall? The first Co-op house?

Segment Synopsis: She talks about the acquisition of cooperative houses for women students at UK, and how some of them were later sold by the university. (poor audio quality)

Keywords: 113 State St.;College of the Bible (Lexington, Ky.);Dillard House;Governor Shelby;Hamilton House;housing willed to UK;Johnson School;Limestone St.;Miss Dillard;property;rent;sale of the first cooperative houses;students;utilities

Subjects: University of Kentucky.

25:24 - Rules for women students

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Partial Transcript:Well, back in your early days as, as assistant dean, the rules and regulations for women students were rather strict.

Segment Synopsis: She talks about the rules and regulations for the female students at UK. (poor audio quality)

Keywords: curfews;female students;Paducah;regulations and rules;Sarah Blanding;socks;women

Subjects: Berea College.;University of Kentucky.

28:03 - Dr. McVey

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Partial Transcript:Now, Dr. McVey was president of the university when you came, as you mentioned.

Segment Synopsis: She gives her views on Dr. McVey and his relationship to the students. She also talks about his wife, Frances Jewell McVey. (poor audio quality)

Keywords: administrators;budgets;Frances McVey;Jimmy Shropshire;teas;university presidents

Subjects: McVey, Frank LeRond, 1869-1953.;University of Kentucky.

30:41 - Undergraduate absence policy

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Partial Transcript:Now, I was reading somewhere that in December of 1930, there was a new absence policy announced...

Segment Synopsis: The interviewer asks about a new absence policy that took effect in 1930, but Holmes states that Sarah Blanding was much more involved with policy making than she was.

Keywords: absences;faculty policies;holidays;Sarah Blanding;students;university policies

Subjects: University of Kentucky.

32:01 - Holmes's degrees and UK's presidency after McVey

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Partial Transcript:Now, you mentioned that, that you began work on... your degree at, uh, the university...

Segment Synopsis: Holmes talks about her degrees, which she obtained while raising four children and working full time as dean of women. She also talks about Dr. McVey's retirement and the faculty reaction to Dr. Donovan's appointment. She describes Dr. Donovan's abilities as an administrator. (poor audio quality)

Keywords: academics;administration;deans;Emma White Case (??);Pennsylvania;Sehre (??) School;teacher's colleges;Thomas Pope Cooper

Subjects: Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;Kentucky.;University of Kentucky.

36:56 - Reorganization plan of UK and academic freedom

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Partial Transcript:About the time that he became president... I'm not sure if it was a little before...

Segment Synopsis: She talks about the reorganization plan for UK that was put through in the early 1940's and instances of the state government trying to interfere with the university.

Keywords: academic freedom;administration;college of agriculture;Dean Cooper;faculty;faculty senate;governors;Keeping the University Free and Growing (book);politics;reorganization

Subjects: Dickey, Frank Graves.;Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;Frankfort (Ky.).;University of Kentucky.

41:39 - Dominance of the athletics programs at UK

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Partial Transcript:Another thing, which President Donovan mentions in that book and again on the...

Segment Synopsis: She talks about UK's athletic programs and the emphasis put on them much of the time. She also talks about women's athletics and Sarah Blanding's involvement in trying to abolish them. (poor audio quality)

Keywords: athletics;athletics programs;budgets;intermural sports;libraries;Sarah Blanding;university presidents;women's athletics

Subjects: Kentucky.;McVey, Frank LeRond, 1869-1953.;Rupp, Adolph, 1901-1977.;University of Kentucky.

45:23 - Teaching classes and higher ups

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Partial Transcript:...in recognition you became the acting dean of women for a year and then were named dean in 1941.

Segment Synopsis: She talks about the classes that she taught while she was dean of women and whom she reported to during that time.

Keywords: academics;dean of men;dean of students;dean of women;sociology;teaching

Subjects: Education.;Kirwan, Albert Dennis.;University of Kentucky.

46:31 - UK and WWII

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Partial Transcript:There was a Courier-Journal article on October 31st of 1941, in which you were reported to have said that....

Segment Synopsis: She talks about the women students' apathy about WWII and the war effort.

Keywords: administration;apathy;Bundles for Britain;radios;Red Cross;students

Subjects: University of Kentucky.;World War, 1939-1945.

48:23 - Students and campus housing after WWII

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Partial Transcript:Now, following the Second World War, the university's enrollment increased dramatically.

Segment Synopsis: She talks about the influx of students after World War II, and how there was was a major problem finding housing for all of them. She also talks about the veterans, drinking among the students and the seriousness of students of that time.

Keywords: alcohol;classrooms;housing;John Breckinridge;married housing;Mr. Estill;Mr. Peterson;Patterson Hall;residence halls;students;supervision;Texas;veterans;war surplus housing

Subjects: University of Kentucky. World War, 1939-1945.

53:46 - African American women students

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Partial Transcript:Now, black students were first admitted to the graduate school at the university in 1949.

Segment Synopsis: She talks about the integration of UK, student views and her interactions with the African American women who were graduate students there.

Keywords: African American women at UK;housing for African American women;integration;Women's Self Government Organization;YWCA

Subjects: African Americans.;Chamberlain, Leo M.;Johnson, Lyman T., 1906-1997.;Kentucky State University.;University of Kentucky.

57:36 - Dangerous panty raids and other problems

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Partial Transcript:What were some of your most serious problems as dean of women?

Segment Synopsis: Holmes talks about some of the most serious incidents that occurred while she was dean of women, especially panty raids that turned destructive or nearly violent.

Keywords: alcohol;Boyd Hall;drinking;guns;Joyland park;mobs;panty raids;Patterson Hall;smoking;sororities;veterans

Subjects: Kirwan, Albert Dennis.;University of Kentucky.

62:11 - Ruby Graham

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Partial Transcript:Do you recall a student... I'm sure you do... Ruby Graham.

Segment Synopsis: She talks about Ruby Graham, a student who made the headlines for being a flagpole sitter and having Holmes call the police and fire department on her. She (Graham) ended up being given her diploma privately.

Keywords: commencement;Courier Journal (Louisville, Ky.);embarassment;examinations;flagpole sitters;graduation;Joyland Park;Ruby Graham

Subjects: Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964.;University of Kentucky.

64:21 - The Kentucky Kernel and Ruby Graham

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Partial Transcript:Do you recall the, uh, feature in the Kentucky Kernel, uh, I don't think it became...

Segment Synopsis: She talks about the "Cutie of the Week", a controversial feature in the Kentucky Kernel, and continues to talk about Ruby Graham.

Keywords: controversy;Dean Seward;discipline;Kentucky Kernel;Ruby Graham;sororities

Subjects: University of Kentucky.

66:11 - Dean of women and Dr. Dickey

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Partial Transcript:What did you dislike most about the job as dean of girls? Things like that, I assume...

Segment Synopsis: She talks about the best parts of being dean of women, her reputation and Dr. Dickey's becoming president. She gives her opinions of him. (poor audio quality)

Keywords: administration;cooperative houses;dean of women;faculty;head residents;marriage;secretaries;sororities;staff;students

Subjects: Dickey, Frank Graves.;University of Kentucky.;University of Kentucky. College of Education.

71:41 - Status of women at UK

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Partial Transcript:Would you comment a little bit on the status of, of women on the UK campus during the years that you were there...

Segment Synopsis: She talks about the status of women while she was at UK, and how they were confined to certain specializations. She talks about a specific female professor who resigned in the 1950's.

Keywords: faculty;Gladys Kammerer;Great Depression;professors;professors' wives;salary differences;sexism;teachers

Subjects: Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991.;Dickey, Frank Graves.;Lexington (Ky.).;University of Kentucky.

75:13 - Holmes' colleagues

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Partial Transcript:Who are some of your colleagues at the university that stand out in your memory as being particularly able teachers...

Segment Synopsis: She talks about some of her notable colleagues, especially Frank Peterson, whom she credits for much of UK's financial success. (poor audio quality)

Keywords: Coldstream Farm;Dean Jones;Dean Martin;dean of men;Dr. Vandenbosch;finances;Frank Peterson

Subjects: Chamberlain, Leo M.;Clark, Thomas Dionysius, 1903-2005.;Kirwan, Albert Dennis.;Spindletop Farm (Ky.).;University of Kentucky.

78:21 - Changes in women students and fraternities and sororities

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Partial Transcript:You have... observed women students at the university through... at least four decades...

Segment Synopsis: She talks about the change in women students in the four decades she was at UK, as well as giving her thoughts on fraternities and sororities. (poor audio quality)

Keywords: fraternities;independence;sororities;women

Subjects: University of Kentucky.

80:11 - Awards, relationship with the university and final thoughts

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Partial Transcript:During your career at the university you received many, many honors. What do you regard as the highest honor...

Segment Synopsis: They talk about the awards she has received, her (then) current relationship with the university and her thoughts on the university and its programs. The interview is concluded. (poor audio quality)

Keywords: academic programs;awards;dress codes;Executive Inn;Holmes Hall;residence halls;social program;students;vocational education program

Subjects: Louisville (Ky.).;University of Kentucky.

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